Runtime error: Out of scripter memory?


Happy New Year Everyone!

When rotating a number of panels using a spinner in a double nested loop I’m sometimes getting the following error…

‘Maxscript Rollout Handler Exception
–Runtime error: Out of scripter memory - use options to increase’

I have tried going to the following page…

Then changing the ‘Initial heap allocation (MBytes)’ to 1000 MB but it still happens?

Does anyone have any idea of what is going on?

Many thanks


Do you have any recursive loops going on?
What version of Max?


Did you RESTART Max after changing the Heap Size?

The last couple of Max versions will automatically increase the Heap if memory is not enough. I run with 64MB of Heap, 32 should be enough, the default 7.5 is a bit too low.

But it sounds like you have a huge memory leak somewhere in your code. Open Task Manager and watch the memory usage while you use your script - if you are leaking memory, the graph will go up and only go down if you call GC(). Think about how you are managing your variables and whether you are doing any intensive geometry stuff like accessing the .mesh property of an object without releasing the memory afterward etc…


uhh thx Bobo for the garbage collection, didn’t know that before.
helped me with 2 probs at once (to unload bitmaps from the memory to make em deletable and the memload of max )


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