Rune & Dustin - Evangelion Units 01 & 03


Howdy all. This is a mech from a series that was sindicated in Japan, I believe in the 90’s, called Neon Genesis Evangelion. The original design is by a gentleman named Ikuto Yamashita, but I believe all the legal rights go to Manga and a couple other companies. If your curious as to what it is supposed to look like, you can do a Google image search for “evangelion” and you’ll get a ton of relative results.

I’m modeling from the original Yamashita model sheets obtained from an art book. It’s still pretty rough … I start rough and refine later, sorta like how I draw. Im not as fast as a lot of you guys so I expect this to take me roughly a month to complete. I have about four solid days into it thus far, but like I said its all rough work. Doing a lot of edge extrusions and chamfering, you know the drill Sometimes I waste many minutes just staring at it and wondering what to do next; Argh!

      I use 3ds max, in case anyone is curious.
      - Dustin Brown
     Here are some screen grabs I took of Unit-01 and Unit-03 (posessed by the 13th Angel, Bardiel) fighting.

And here is what I have so far. I’ll put some wires up soon along with updates. Now I’m going to shut up and let Rune do his thang :wink:



Yo yo this is a collaborate project now.
I am doing as you know a model of my eva03 figure and Dustin is doing the eva01.
My approach is to model the figure and make it look exactly like it whereas Dustin is using references to recreate the “real” look of the evas, hopefully with some added creativity.
So it should result in something different but hoepfully interesting and we are going to post both models in a scene when they are finished. Maybe we will let them fight or fight together against one of them bad ass angels.
Anyways We hope you will like what we are doing and keep an eye on our WIP thread.

Oh and I am using max too. Dustin is a bad ass with years of experience wheras i have only a few months, so I hope to learn a lot from this and I hope some of his badass skills will rub off on me. I bow for master Dustin.

Here is my status:



you’re in the right direction, assign the smoothing groups , and as the one before me added, some chamfers/ edge extrudes will make it look better.


He build a rough model so far and as Dustin wrote earlier he will get to the chamfering etc later.
As for me I am so slow its embarrasing. I hope to get that arm ready to show soooon.


Yeah, like I said earlier, I work rough then refine later. Think of it as a “polygonal sketch.” Anyway, here are some updates. Unit-01 can almost walk!



On a side note, some of you may not be aware, but Weta is working on the CGI for a Neon Genesis Evangelion live action film. For those of you who are in to the original series, I’m wandering what you think about the concept art that has been released so far. Personally, I like some of it but not all. I like how they added details like little panels and hydrolics to add to the sense of scale, but I’m not sure I like how they stylized the Evas. There are other changes as well. For one they’re changing some of the character’s names from Japanese names to Western names. I’m assuming they’re doing this to make it more palletable for Americans, but I find it to be a frontal assault to the nature of NGE and I don’t care for it at all. Give that, it makes me wonder how many liberties they will take concerting the story line itself. NGE has such a deep and rich story that I believe it could only be properly realized on film if it were in the hands of a director who really loved the story, much as Peter Jackson loves LOTR.

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Pretty nice. I love the shoes, especially the bottoms of them. Looking forward to the completed model.


Thanka mopelie. I’m beginning to get my edges cleaned up for smoothing in some areas. Still have plenty of building to do though.

  - Dustin Brown



I like the model. Currently watching the series. Awesome it is.

How will the texture be? will it be clean metal or will you go for the dirty rusted look?


Supervlieg: I’m glad your enjoying the series. Be sure to watch the movies afterword, they’re pretty good as well. I’m not going to go for a rusted look, but there will be scratches and battle damage in the paint. I can’t really speak for Rune, though if I had to guess he’s probably going to make it look like plastic since he’s recreating the toy figure. I could be wrong though.

  • Dustin Brown

Newest render:


Great work!!
Can we see some close up wires?



Ask and you shall recieve. This is the base mesh for the derived surface I’ve been posting.

  • Dustin Brown


Hey all. I ve started going through some parts with a find comb, to get the “kinks” out. Been working on the head a bit. it was the first thing I made on him and I saw where some improvements could be made so I made them. Also here is a shot with a few buildings to give you a sense of scale. The buildings were modeled my my friend Brian Pearson and he was kind enough to let me use them.


Very well done. Personally I don’t think eva translates well to 3d at all. But thats not your fault its just the stlye of the anime.


Well, I know nothin’ about nothin’ about Eva except the rudimentary stuff.
However, I must say I love the overall look of this model.
Especially top-notch modelling on the face and bottoms of the feet.
From what I have seen of Eva, looks quite a bit like it, but as I said, I know only the basics of this manga cartoon. :slight_smile:

Niiiice work


The head…


EVA really sweet, I love NGE, Ikuto Yamashita is one of my favorite artists. Your modeling does the original 2d design great service.

as a note I had to look at those shoes more then once, lol!..
and modeling this in 3ds max, cool

how are you getting the creases so well on the smooth mesh? plz tell me I am native to maya.


u guys are going great
maybe u should try using a cell shader to make it look cartoony but still have the 3d feel
also i think the thing about nge is that the evas are so big. more realism makes it more believable and this could be very cool. u should see if anyone wants this for an add or something

weta (the guys who made LOTR are thinking about making a real non cartoon version of nge)
not sure if they are still making it or not but they would be looking for models maybe.
just a thought.
are u going to make a short film or something or is this just for fun?


Modeling is pretty much finished at thise point. I still have to make the inside of his mouth, but that’s basically it. Thanks for the feedback and kind words.

hanzo: The seams are done by chamfering edges along the contours and then cutting the faces between the chamfer. Then “sink in” the new middle edge that you made with the cutting process. I wish max was able to keep the original edge during a chamfer process to save time, but oh well.

dark-elf2: thanks, man. yeah I know they’re working on a film. that is partly what inspired me to take on this project. I mentioned the film earlier, on the first page. I doubt they would want my model though; those guys are probably 1,000X better at this than I’ll ever be, heh.



that is some nice clean modeling there DustinBrown, I have been watching this tread for a while now, I just wanted to wait to see the whole character before I comented. It is a very nice model, you definatly did Mr.Yamashita’s work justice.

My only crits are I think the shoulders are too wide from the reference I’ve seen, and the arms still need their details added. Keep it up.


Thanks Gene. I aggree. Back to work … no rest for the wicked :buttrock:

  • Dustin Brown