"Run Out of Memory" at End of Large Render (3ds MAx)


I was rendering a rather large (2700 x 3600) image in 3ds max. It was going fine until this morning, when i found out that it hung at the END of the render. The image is sitting in the VFB fully rendered, but that evil “Run out of memory” dialog box is preventing me from saving the image. Prntscrning and saving wont work, because thats too low res. Is there anyway I can just save the render? The render took upwards of 26 hours, so help would really be appreciated.

Thank you in advance,


No guarantee if this works. Close the error message and go to Render-> show last image(or so)
Do not use the VFB for large renderings, try rendering in layers, go for the bitmap pager and check out the BIGrender script on scriptspot.com


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