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here is an update of the run I have been making with a Biped character. There is a strange movement with the head as he’s moving back to the right, I’ll be trying to fix that as soon as possible.

Any comments and critiques are welcome, be as brutal as you want


Steven Miller



Ello Steven,
So I’m diggin your run cycle here!
imho, for the most part its looking pretty good

One of the few things I see that jumps out at me is how level he is as he runs. Its too perfect. A person running like that is going to be going up and down more with each stride, but the pelvis yellow cube barely even moves up and down at all.

Other than that, I’m really liking it

all the best,


Hey Bergquist,

Thanks for the comments and critiques. I took from what you said and made another revision. I think I’m getting closer to a finished cycle.

For this revision I overlapped the hands a little more, adjusted the head so it wouldn’t be so stiff . I think I’m getting closer, but would still like to hear comments so I know if I am on the right track. I also raised the body some more after the push-off from the ground.

Here’s the update
update 3

Again, any comments/critiques are welcome. Be as harsh as you can be


Steven Miller


ello Steven,
that update looks much better to me!
The movements seems less jerky and much more natural and smooth.
I can really feel the weight of his body now, coming down with every stride.
I’m sure there is always more to improve but I agree you are getting much closer to being finished.

all the best,


Wow Steven. This is looking sooo much better from the first time I saw it! Really impressed, this is a solid run cycle.

So one note I could give you is now play with the feet from the front view. Right now they go strictly front and back on a single axis, and the feet are pointed directly forward (or at least that’s how it looks)

Try to maybe point the feet out, even have the feet translate outwards when he kicks forward and then inwards when they come into land. Does that make sense? This is a small detail I think could add even more to this.

Do you have a control that can rotate the hips independent of the torso? Or would rotating the hips rotate the whole upper body?

If you can rotate the hips without messing with everything else I’d say loosen them up, right now it doesn’t look like they’re moving.

Anyways keep it up, this is looking better and better.


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