RUMOR: What Bloom as Bond...Please!


Apparently MGM, are seriously considering Orlando Bloom for the role of Bond - which will definitely see its demise! He’s an over-rated young runt, with no lady experience in film. If they want to pick someone young, then pick good old brit Christian Bale - mister slick himelf - otherwise personally if I was to go for a new bond I’d pick brit Clive Owen who rocks in the BMW ads, and prooves his amazing acting abilities in Beyond Borders. There you go MGM, all sorted - no fuss and plenty of surprise! But Orlando - PLease!

What do you all think?


I thought Robbie Williams will be the new James Bond! I’d say no to Orlando because he doesnt have the James Bond style that the others have… he could be a sidekick though… that would work!


Bring back Sean Connerie!!


Bah, after the last Bond movie I don’t really care that much about the series anymore. I think Ian Fleming must be rolling in his grave… Anyway, I don’t see Bloom in that role.


Bloom as bond, “Forget about it.”
Depp would steal the show as he allways does.


Haha, johnny depp as bond? hmmm.

Ok, orlando? I thought james bond was a man…


My vote still goes to Robbie Williams, anybody remember the “Millenium” videoclip? :applause: :thumbsup:


I thought the guy who is playing king arthur in the upcoming movie is going to be the next bond?

i hope they wont pick orlando bloom , that’ll be sad


Originally posted by DirtySkillet

Ok, orlando? I thought james bond was a man…

Not very nice, are we :slight_smile:

My vote would go to Eric Bana :buttrock:


If they pick Orlando Bloom or Robbie Williams I will actually explode.


All over the place.

In bits.


um last i read pierce bronsnen was still playing bond. these others are just rumors that are going around the web


one of the other rumors floating around was ewan mcgregor, who actually might not be that bad. after seeing down with love i can really picture it.


I think James Bond should be put to rest indefinitely. I dont like the movies anymore.


It was confirmed that Brosnan will stop playing James Bond after the next movie comes out (or maybe the one after the next one, I’m not sure; I’ll try to dig up the source link).

The producers also confirmed, in the same article I mentioned above, that they were considering Clive Owen for the next James Bond. Since he’s British, I think he’d fit perfectly, and he’s got style. (Remember the silent killer from the Bourne Identity?)

EDIT: Well I’ve been trying to dig up the link, and I found an article in which he says that him being the next James Bond is only rumours. I still see him as a perfect 007. I don’t know about Orlando. That would ruin the image of the suave secret agent, but hey, that’s what the producers want to do:

They want to move away from the traditional image of James Bond - the older, suave gentleman - and believe a younger, trendier actor will attract friends.

EDIT#2: Here’s the link to the article in which the producers say they don’t want Brosnan to do Bond anymore.


I remember some talk about Dougray Scott playing the next bond…he’s scottish too.


Bloom? LOL he wasn’t good as a pirate, imagine him as “My name’s Bond, James Bond”. Poor Sean Connery and poor Ian Fleming…


Jonny Depp for James Bond!


and poor George Lazen…

Oh, nevermind.



It’s bad enough Bond got into that phase of semi-XGames crap, now he’s got to be 20-something? Bond -should- be in his 30’s and 40’s, he’s a wily veteran spy, not some jackass from high school. Make another Cody Banks movie if they want that, please.

Not only is Bloom young, he looks even younger than he is…would be like a fetus in a tux up there. Is he going to get carded when he orders a vodka martini?

Oh well. My vote still goes for Clive Owen, even if he’s not actually in consideration. Anyone who’s seen the BMWFilms series ought to agree, or even Croupier, he’s just the man.



One name…Christopher Walken…:stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, I’m deeply disappointed with the way the Bond series is going…