Rumor: Autodesk going to Kill 3Ds Max?


Basically, we can stop the thread right here - Frank’s back.

For those of you who don’t know him personally, he is f-in awesome. I collaborated with him on the first ever article I wrote over 12 years ago and got off the phone feeling like I’d been talking to a rockstar.

Unfortunately he left Autodesk (Discreet) post max3 or 4 (or thereabouts - about the time I joined the beta), but other guys managed to fill his shoes well - Fred Ruff & David Marks did a great job, but after these guys left it slipped into arch/viz territory.

Frank has been in the trenches for the past decade and was one of the pioneers and champions of getting Max into film which was dominated by Alias and Lightwave (launch sequence - Lost in Space - one of the first features that utilised it), I’m looking forward to an awesome roadmap.

This is like Keegan coming back to Newcastle or Dalglish coming back to Liverpool (but doing a better job…)

Happy days,



That’s one hell of a reference for our international friends to interpret :).

There needs to be a TL : DR… Max isn’t being scrapped, is that not what this thread was meant to determine?

As a non 3ds max user i hope it is here to stay, along with all the other programs, competition is good.


I’m not sure where you get that from. I use Max occasionally and right now am writing a tutorial involving Blender. Along with Vue and a number of other smaller programs.


Well I think the story has ended about as well as it could have for now. I guess the moral of the story is, keep members of your managment that dislike certain parts of your product line away from the internet and microphones and do not let them spread rumors. haha

Every company has folks that in their company, that do not like parts of the very company that they work for. Maybe they should stay away from the microphone.



AJ, lol! :thumbsup:

Well, I’m glad for the news. I was just about to pack everything I own into a small van and travel the country, living as a humble traveling shoemaker… good to know I can keep my current career for a while longer.


AJ, i am quietly weeping for you. :stuck_out_tongue: (You will never get those seconds back)

At least your point was made though :).


Or writing internal memo.



Come on Phil, was that comment really necessary? Does it REALLY add anything useful to this thread other than to troll the people who happen to support and enjoy using 3ds Max?

Nothing personal, but as a Lightwave user, your comment comes is disingenuous, adds to an already obnoxious and un-true rumor, and demonstrates your ignorance of 3ds Max.

We get that from your words here at CGTalk and on Twitter. :curious:


However, as a long-time dedicated Max user, I have to agree that the most likely outcome is higher price and little development beyond UI. That just seems to be the direction they’re headed, particularly when they pull nasty moves like supplying Max add-ons only if you buy products you don’t need in a bundle.


The rumor is total dross, but I think the days of animation development are well and truly over for this product.


Back in Malaysia, this already happened back in 2010, maybe earlier.

Around 90% studios uses Maya.


I think they should have dis continued it years ago. That modifier stack sux. :buttrock:


They suck, suck, suck. :bounce:


Ok reidh I usually don’t ban people, but for you I might make an exception.

Stop it.



That is actually a good thing. In zbrush for example, there are only a few things I would like to see. The two most important are 64 bit, and stability improvement where it can be found. There are a few other features I’d love to see but you know what, If clients keep making more demanding projects for us, then stability and handling of large data is number 1. Zbrush works well enough at the moment, where they can focus on those two points.


Max sells more licenses than Maya and Softimage combined. 3ds max will be the last product the suits are willing to axe. Mudbox and Softimage would be I imagine a far more vulnerable targets.


Never under estimate a bean counter’s ability to do the absolute absurd.


LOL yeah but you can expect that zbrush if not dev’ing new features would actually deliver your wishlist.

Autodesk on the other hand… Id expect them to deliver increased pricing.


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