Rumor: Autodesk going to Kill 3Ds Max?


!!ATTENTION!! This is not a fact it’s a rumour!

I read something about it on twitter last night. And now I read this…


The “rumour” has nothing to do with autodesk killing 3dsmax.
Just removing some of the overlap in the software they own - something they should have done long ago.
Problem is how are the customers going to take this, if indeed it turns out to be true.
Time will tell.


I thought they stopped developing it several years ago :slight_smile:


Even this RUMOUR post only talks about the animation part of Max, but puts it below some sensational headline. So that makes the post even more untrustworthy to me…

I’m keen to see Autodesk trying to do some kind if damage control for this wild running rumour stuff. Or their lack of any damage control. This will tell just once more that Autodesk upper management is completely and utterly detached from the userbase, at least in the M&E world…

And yes - it’s a rumour nothing more. No indications i have point to that direction (regarding animation development) intermediate-term…


While this is still considered as rumors, I think its about time. With the layoff happening, it’s about time they streamline everything. Two app with two different code base doing the same thing equal two bugs and two customer support. They should do the Python way - only one way and it has to be the right way. Too much overlap anyway.

I don’t know what the end result would be - but it really a bad idea for a company to have 3 way to model things, 3 way to animate things, bla bla bla.

This should have happened the moment they bought Maya.


The only thing Ad managed to developed across several packages (Max, Maya, Soft, Acad etc) was the viewport cube and FBX in the M&E products.

FBX has been far the greatest thing they have mangled together.

AD is obviously working hard to “develop once deploy everywhere”. What would be great is if they could fix their python versions! Python on Softimage for Linux is a different version of python to Softimage for Windows. And that’s a different version to Maya’s python, and max doesn’t even have it without 3rd party support.

So maya might become the sole animation platform. The node editor is going down well and Arnold seems to work for Maya too. As composite comes bundled with everything now perhaps sooner or later the only thing Softimage will be left with is the Face Poser, remember that guys? Face Poser? For posing faces? Right inside Softimage?

CrowdFX? It’s control nodes and scripts.

</end O’ rant, goes back to OpenGL and pyQT>

P.S. Cross product viewport enhancements…ooooh controversial, only because it’s barely feasible.


Rumor or not, I would not be surprised if that has been the plan since they got maya…
Maya, is a marketing tool for Adesk. I don’t see any miracles happening on that side…

3dsmax, would become some kind of limbo, for users who do not want to migrate…
They still want 3dsmax as a product for other purposes.

If this is true, there will be a lot of users leaking to non-autodesk products…
Historically, Adesk has some very clear characteristics, in the way they make business… for example they always choose, not the better, but the easiest path for them…
¿what is the easiest path in this case?

kill max - no
rewrite core - no, because it’s not easy for them
fix stuff - no, (just some superficial stuff, as we’ve seen over the years…)
recreate new tools for animation - no
drop the dependency to .net stuff - no
support opengl - no
implement python - not quite…
3dsmax for arch/viz - yes, (kind of easy)
buy suff and pseudo implement it - yes
deceitful marketing - yes
migrate users - yes (my doubts…)


As already said, they stopped 3ds max development a couple of years ago anyway.


not true, we got egg spline in last version.


I heard rumor myself that both max and softimage were being killed off.


The real news is reddit (true or false) has officially become a rumor source. There is no turning back now.


I’d like to know how that will affect people who are on subscription for Max? Will they offer us the option to move our license to Maya?


It’s all a rumor currently so don’t get overscared at the moment …


This is the kind of rumour that could easily see people migrating to other packages. The status quo is important and many of us want stabity. Little point putting in countless hours learning a software product if we dont think it has a future.


Not wanting to sound blunt but it really isn’t. Rumours are just that, rumours.

If it turns out to be true then that’s a different story :slight_smile:


Rumor or not, ADSK will need to clarify things soon.
Nobody would want to see its time getting wasted anymore.


Well the max project lead Ken Pimentel is going on a sabbatical.

I wonder if it has something to do with this?
EDIT: He is back from his vacation .


Except that when it turns to be true its gonna be already late since AD already took your money. Rumors or not, its not a good period for AD and they are messing up a lot, not really have faith in them and cant trust them at all now.

Lots of softwares got killed, removed, gave it for free from AD, combustion/toxic/motionbuilder/facerobot. Think at people who spent money on them and found out the day after it was discontinued or gave away for free. Thats AD style.


I’m pretty sure next year Autodesk will release a new hybrid 3d app. no more Max or Maya or Softimage :twisted:


that has already passed, he is back.

until something official is said is it really worth thinking about anymore?