Rumbo. Teaser trailer for animated feature under production...


Just thought you guys (and gal´s) should check this out at Radar Film…

“A Robot That Doesn’t Work Doesn’t Work”


Looks very good.

Good luck:thumbsup:


Hey I really like this. I can not believe that only one person has responded. Very cool.
:bounce: :buttrock: :beer: :wavey:


can someone post a direct link? my laptop hates streaming video


absolutely stunning

i love the style



really funny,
the robot voices are fantastic!!

that’s the link to the folder…
rightclick and save as one of the 2 mov files


It’s a great film indeed, but I don’t believe it Morten_Jensen :wink: he’s just posting it to let us know about it. Maybe we can get the artist/s here.



awesome nice story it seems to!


haha that was wicked, the animation was really sweet, fast in fast out, long pauses, great stuff

be rad


:smiley: niiice

the voices fitted the animtion really well for the big guy


Love the robot, havn’t watch the real real yet, but I’m dl’n now!


did you guys noticed how cool the painte dackground is. plus they have funny accent.


Best robots with english accents since C3-PO!!

I really like the look. Does anyone have any more info on this project? It looks pretty fun.


[QUOTE]Originally posted by lildragon
[B]It’s a great film indeed, but I don’t believe it’s Morten_Jensen’s :wink: he’s just posting it to let us know about it. Maybe we can get the artist/s here.

Your right. :thumbsup: I jumped to conclusions thinking that the person posting was the artist.

Glad to see it on the FRONT.



wonderful…simply wonderful. Great style and look to this animation. The voices fit perfectly…and who doesn’t like a randomly thrown in r2d2?


hehe, I love the character animation:applause: , the texturing was excellent, and I think flying through that space junkyard is great idea…:airguitar

ow and almost forgot, always like the planetary shots :smiley:


Bravo, I loved it. The r2d2 floating in the debris was a crack up. Nice, well, everything.


I love the textures and the designs. The voices and personalities are great too. I just didn’t like the actions. It seems like a poorly done version of Wallace and Gromit. There’s a subtlety in the cushions and overlapping action that’s missing here. Overall, it’s still a great piece and if it comes to town I’ll definitely see it.


Hasn’t anyone noticed the rocket from Tin-Tin? :wink: And the spoetnik?
That’s a pretty funny and original concept.
The voices are nice too.
Some of the animation looks pretty chaotic at times, but nothing too bad.
Can’t wait to see more!


Same thing for me…i like everything exept the animation… Nice poses but too snappy!