Rules for Acting Challenge


Hello animation challenge participants :slight_smile:

These are the rules for the Acting Challenges :

These challenges are related to acting. The topics for these challenges will be listed in another thread where participants can add there topics to.

These challenges will be one to two week deadlines. The deadline date will be decided by the previous winner, either one to two weeks. The topic will also be chosen by the previous winner. If there isnt a topic chosen within 24 hrs then the next topic on the list will be used.

Each challenge will have the deadline date in the thread title. Post all your progress in the challenge thread and then add to it by editing the post. A good way to start showing progress is to put up your key drawings in sequential order as screen grabs. Get help on those and then put up a animatic. Try and post as much progress as possible so to get constructive feedback.

Another thread will be made for your final animation.

Voting will be done by the participants.

Happy animating :smiley:



By any chance does someone know where a generic rig for Max resides? If there is one that is, I’m open to any suggestions :slight_smile:


Sorry i dont know of any rigs that are of the same caliber as generi rig for Max. That is a really good question!
Check the rigs offered at There are a number of them for Max.


I’d like to vote even though I’m participating.



Hmm… are there any rules that exclude 2D animations? Are they welcome?


2D animation is always welcome. It would be nice to see mix of 3D and 2D animation.


can we use the free rigs available online for the challenges??


Please use free rigs and rigs already built. I dont expect you to make a rig for each animations, that would take too long.


Is there any way we can make this a sticky?


i believe a Board moderator has to do it :confused:


can you work and submit to the challenge in flash .swf format?


Luckydesign you can submit your animation in any format as long as it is created with cg. That doesnt mean it needs to be 3d, because some people think thats what cg is. Since cgsociety is hosting the challenges the animation needs to be computer created.


Personally I’d take any form of animation.

But the only way to work with flash is to do it on the computer, does that count then?


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