Rue de Seine, Viktor Fretyán (3D)


Title: Rue de Seine
Name: Viktor Fretyán
Country: Hungary
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

Here is an image I have been working on for quite some time now. I think it’s finished now.
My plan was to make more images of different streets and places of the same city all in the same taste like this but with completely different scenes, different stories. I don’t know when will I have the time or the energy to start doing something like this again…But I do plan to go on with this and make a series.

At work there’s always a (usually tight) deadline so we do the majority of work in Ps cause its just faster. Before that I was doing mostly everything in 3d. So this time I wanted to make something that has a lot of both sides. Almost everything here is modeled. And I tried to make it as accurate to reality as I could. (thanks to Google streetview and many photos of course) The 3d part took like 75 percent. It just seemed never ending…

I think I also have to say a few things about the story of the image as well. I tried to do some kind of a big project like I did before but in the way I do work recently. Which is to show buildings in an original way. But not just randomly. To show something specific to the place. So I first thought of the water in the street (cause of the streetname). Then after some research I found photos of a great flood in the city and I thought this mixture of old and new would work really great here. I think this theme fits the place very well. All the houses are how they looked like a 100 years ago. But still there are cars, neon signs, wires, antennas. The guys in the foreground fit well I think. It’s kind of like a comedic relieve. Bottom line: don’t take it too seriously.

All of this is just unnecessary info. The image should work or not by first glimpse. Like always. Without any explanation or excuses…So if you’ve read through all this crap you’re a hero :slight_smile: Thanks for your time!

There is one thing really bothering me though: I recently discovered the animation done by Olivier Campagne of Arte Factory Lab that is based on the same idea. (if you haven’t seen it yet go look it up, it’s really great actually…) So you could imagine how devastated I was seeing that after like 5-6 months of work on this haha but that’s life I guess…As a matter of fact one of the shots is like 100 meters away from this street corner awwww…I was so sad…

But enough talk! Let me know what you think!

Hi res images:


in color:


woow, Amazing :buttrock:


Amazing work! Love the mood!


very nice work…
i like to see the wireframe and colored version of this work.

the link’s not working :frowning: .


Excellent work ! very nice indeed!

best regards



Thank you. I think the links do work. I just checked them. you have to copy paste them!

but here you go again:

please check the hi res versions as well!

thanks again!


I think you should post it in 3d choice gallery directly :smiley:

this piece is one of the best I have ever seen

Congratulation man !!!


Wow… outstanding!


very nice work…

Good job! :thumbsup:


Great image! Maybe the car are too clean.


astonishing! this truly is a work of art.
i can’t stop watching the B/W version


This work is perfect… 5 * for sure…


absolute perfection


It would have been nice to see some subtle ripples in the water trailing the boat.
Other than that it’s an amazing image, outstanding work.


The 1910 version looks strange with the cars and traffic signs. How much 3d is in the colour version?(not in %, but what exactly?)


Amazing piece of work! Congrats!


This is one of best i watch in recent time…concept …Great details…:surprised

show some wires and wips…:smiley:


Thank you guys for the nice words and the tips! the ppl in the boat and are photoshopped. so are the plants in the windows and the dirt like graffitis and aging of the walls. but other than that pretty much everything is modeled and textured. But i will post some wips and wires!

thanks again!


Nice work. This has been nominated for a nickoleary award. that means you get a beer.


Looks very good, even if personally i don’t see much sense behind the B&W picture. 3D is allowing advanced photo alterations by using photo projections on planes and simple models, but a picture is needing nonetheless some sense. ‘Look how beautiful’ doesn’t really work, when the mood has been already greatly captured by the original photographer, so it isn’t your achievement. ‘Look how photorealistic’ isn’t enough with patching photos together some way (as textures, backgrounds, what ever). And ‘Look how funny’ isn’t enough as artistic content when basically altering photos and adding some stylistic inconsistencies (not removing them respectively) in the hope to look like a surrealistic attempt. So the artistic value of the reproduction is more than questionable in my opinion. An other thing is the technical value, which is not judgeable as long the author doesn’t show his workflow.

The colour take is beautiful. The question there is still: how much of the esthetics is your contribution.