RTX 4090 + Cinema


I have a dual monitor setup.
I’m using the latest Nvidia Drivers (526.98) for the 4090, Latest cinema, latest Redshift.
I’m experiencing occasional annoying flashes or flicker on Cinema main window if it’s running on the secondary screen. Selecting a object or hoovering over tick boxes could trigger a flicker.
I have no issue with other 3D software like Rhino, Rizom…

Anyone else experience this?


I’ve been experiencing issue in Redshift & dual monitor for a long time.
Last time (quite a while back) when I checked on the Redshift forum, there was probably only one thread about this issue, but I think it never got fixed. Not sure if it’s because it wasn’t easy to reproduce, or it ended up in the limbo.

Anyway, Redshift got more, and more unstable over the last few years. Funny, one of the main reasons I had switched to it was its stability, but that was a long time ago.

Edit: oh well… not strictly related to your issue, but it seems Redshift’s stability is a common topic


I have a 4090 on a dual monitor system and I’m not seeing this issue. I’m using driver 527.56