RTS: Orc Chariot


Here’s the concept, not done by me:


something seems wrong with my dogs in general. can anyone help me put the finger on it?


for the dogs I’d say that the backlegs are a tad too short and too straight and they have no ears. Other than that its a great model


ok thanks i’ll look into that. i was thinking of skinning the ears to save 4 polys but it’s not worth the optimizing, so you’re right, i’ll add little tri’s for 'em :wink:


hey hopesfall, awsome work as always, looking forward to seeing this in wc3 :smiley:


You’ve done a good job, but i see some things that you could cut down on and some things that you could improve.

For a first, those “lashes” (i dont know the word, the things he controlls the dogs with) could have another row mostly because of animation purposes. The arms could need another row too because of the same reason (or maybe the wolves).

You can make that bar in between the dogs purely triangled. It looks like you went for with a box but decided to have a sharp end, so you could just go all the way. It wont matter much with the rts perspective.

And as Aesir said, the backlegs needs more definition. Its like they dont have any muscles and just cave in on themselves (atleast from that perspective).

I also think the flag should be larger to have something else than the rider and the dogs that stands out.


Nice model…are you planning to pop this in WC3?


Good idea with the flag, i’ll make it longer. And yeah the back legs do need work, i’m trying to find a poly efficient way of fixing them. I’ll think about triangleing the bar in the middle once it’s done if i still need to save polys. As for the lashers, if that’s how it’s called, they are cut in the middle, you just can’t see it very well on the render.

And yeah, this is going in wc3. I decided to test blizzard’s tools now that they released 'em. Havn’t done any wc3-related modding in awhile.

I’ll fix a few things and post an update once I get home.


You could probably get a lot more detail out of the 800 polys if you would use tris instead of quads and make the wheels out of an alphamapped texture.

Not bad work at all…just not optimised enought for a game like wc3.


800 faces is fine imo. Note that there’s 3 organic beings in the model along with a chariot. Also, the wolves will be able to become seperate units once the chariot dies if you purchase an upgarde, and keep attacking on their own. So adding a few polys to them wouldn’t do any harm. A single wc3 unit is usually 500 faces. The druid of the talon is over a thousand faces (for some reason), and some buildings bust 2000 faces (castle for example). I’m trying to mimic wc3’s style, and their wheels have thickness, so I’ll probably leave it like that. I just posted an updated version of the wolves btw. Also, the whip is now just one plane instead of several, the flag is bigger, and the front of the chariot has less divisions. And I do use tris where I need them, and weld every uneeded face. Quads are tris, just with an invisible edge. You have the same control over em, only it is easier to edit, especially cut, the model with quads, and later on optimize to tris when needed. Keep the crits coming!


no more crits? then i’ll start unwrapping :slight_smile: 512x256 it is. Will post a map as soon as it’s ready, wish me luck!


wishes h0pesfall luck!


god luck!
looking forward to seeing the results :slight_smile:


Here’s what I got so far. It’s far from perfect, and some stretching occurs on the arms, but they’re tough to unwrap because of the position I put them in to start with, I’ll have to put them in a better position then unwrap them again probably. Anyways, i’m not a very good unwrapper, so any tips are welcome. The dog and rider heads are bigger so I can use the same textures for the unit portraits.

update rewrapped the entire rider’s body and arms after setting him in a better and symetric pose, should be fine now. Gonna keep showing texture updates as they are done. Warning! I havn’t textured in a LONG time, might end up being shitty, but I’ll do my best :slight_smile:

If anyone else wants to attempt texturing this it would be cool. I could compare my skills to those of someone else and learn something out of this :wink:

This image will be updated every time I get some new piece of texture done, or something. Keep the crits coming along the way :slight_smile:


I really like the style of the skinning so far. At this point I’d only have one suggestion. The cloth and the fur both look great, but the fur seems to have a slightly more realistic style than the cloth covering his eyes, perhaps you could just alter the balance of the highlights a tad to give it a slightly more realistic style consistent with the fur.


Map looks good (Just dont know why you packed the UVs in a rectangular shape). The skin looks a bit bland as i said before. Try to roughen up the fur and make some hair stand out more and add some color variation (you know this one already). Looking forward to see more :slight_smile:


the fur looks great, but the difference in resolution on the head and the body of the dogs might make it look like crap.


mid sections are a bit to long, in the pic there fully extended, and you got there hind legs down oin the model.


Thanks for all your comments, i’ll look into them all. I might not be able to update this weekend because I have lots of college work to do but once I get something done i’ll keep posting updates. Thanks again.


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