RTK Project Reanimation


RTK Project Reanimation

Hi folks, some of you proboblly remember me. A long long time ago there was a project called RTK Chronicles - Raiders Terran Kirusin Chronicles. So if any of you is interested in joining or rejoining then be our guest :). I’ll write some more details later. For now I’ll give you something nice to chew on :stuck_out_tongue: . Cheers :beer:


PS we need 3d artist, 2d artists, webpage guys, and so on…
:slight_smile: Oh and it’s no pay, pure fun and expirience, and expanding your portfolio…


hey, If you need an extra hand at 3d, let me know.

(Maya user)

Luis R. Lobo


I don’t know if maya is a problem coz we can import/export models to other app’s with relative ease… so if your willing, then we would be more then happy to welcome you aboard.

And now more about the project itself:
It was started as a thread here on CGTalk in the WIP section, by my buddy Und3r. In that thread many people showed great interest and the project was blooming, we reached 29 pages I think.There we came up with the idea of the 3 races: The Raiders, The Terran Federation and The Kirusin Proconsulate… all 3 storys [maybe not so perfect] for the races were written by me. Then came unlevel who took care more or less of the organisation and gave us a home [RTK Project Forum]. Our goal is to create a vast universe… it’s the dream of our sci-fi minds to create a beliveble galaxy in which we could create planets and inhabit them, we intend to make a webpage containing our work and our goals… next we would create a trailer of the comming short, which would be an interduction to a series of shorts…

As we would create new worlds our abilities would grow, and our boarders would be bent. It’s a no pay project… so everyone is free o come and go… but that’s not our goal… we want to make a small familly that in time would expand into a community maybe…

that’s all, I’m going to sleep now coz I’m very tired, hope I won’t get a hangover :stuck_out_tongue: Cheers :beer:


hey people, nobody interested? it doesn’t require a lot of your time, you could at least read the story and see if it’s worth it… maybe you could write a better one… I won’t belive if you tll me that non of you ever wanted to create their own universe, with their one characters and stories… common, at least look at that what we have acomplished to this point… I promise It’ll be worth your 5 minutes. Cheers


Calling for duty, sir!!!

Hey, Crash, in the down time of the project, I’ve been learning zbrush, and can export the model files (if you need me modeling stuff, though I"m not so good at modeling)…

Just let me know what I need to do, and I’m gonna revamp that website soon, I’ve got a new design I think you guys will like…

I hope a bunch of the old guys come back…


Calling all rtk: chronicles members!!!

The project has started up, and I’m sure should be constantly worked on throughout the upcomming summer months!!

I know a lot of you have submitted wonderful work for this project, so don’t give up!!!

As most of you know, the forums for the project are located here: http://learncg.f2o.org/forum

Also, pbase image hosting information is posted there, and our account is still active, if you need that service…


Hey, I willing to help. Sorry I haven’t been doing much with RTK but I am hoping that maybe I can whip up another website design. I still have the old one up at http://learncg.f2o.org/ which I am not sure if you still want that one up or not. I am in the process of learning some flash in a 3 week period and maybe after that I could do a flash web site. Sound good Crash?


i’d like to help :smiley:

here are some of my works… (2d)


that’s some good work…you would probably have to ask crash to join but i don’t know what happened to him…good luck


Hey i’m in if you are still recruiting :slight_smile:

This sounds like a pretty cool project.

Feel free to look at my stuff on the website although i doon’t have much in there.

I use Lightwave and i also do web design, HTML, Flash, ASP etc. I also sell my body on the street for penny’s and sweet sweet lovin’

So what do you need me to do :slight_smile:



don’t quit your day job?

hehe…just playin…

I think crash is running this project, but he’s disappeared…


Yes I do have to admit that this project goes and comes… but don’t give up on it because I also want to help some when I get real comfortable in 3d stuff which I am in the basics of learning as we speak and also web design. Now, about Crash… I wonder where he could have went…


after about 3 months of pain and 2 computers later I am back and I will be able to help with this project again. but lost all my other past models. ships and other stuff included, damn Microsoft!
anyway see you all on the homepage.:beer:


hey thelios!!! umm… by the homepage are you meaning the learncg forums? or something else? also, I am hoping to redo the website for yall so I will probably need some images, but not too soon because this time I am really hoping I could do it using flash. I know this would help the project out a bunch so I am willing to help all that I can. Good to see ya again.:applause:


yeah it was the learncg forum, thx for the welcome back. Hope to get some more work done soon. time to do some pre-pro.


thelios, if you want to we can go ahead and get started on the site design and layout if you want or do you want to wait until crash can have his input.


well it doesnt hurt to start. we will have alot of imput as the time goes on.:thumbsup:


ok so i’ll create a new thread in the rtk website forum in learncg. if you want to join in the help of making the site… (which we will of course take our time) then please just reply to this thread and say that you want to join and what experience concerning web design and development, or if you do 3d work, or animation. I think we can get all that we can (please correct me if I am mistaken). OK so here’s what I can do and what I am in the process of learning:

I have had one year doing HTML two years ago and ever since used it mostly. I have been sort-of “beating round the bush” about flash and finally this semester I am in a class that is covering the basics. So I should be able to do basics. Also, in that class we have already covered Fireworks, and are soon going to start Dreamweaver. I am really excited. Other than these, I am trying to learn: 3ds Max, but I just started about two weeks ago, PHP: got the books “Foundation PHP for Flash” and Advanced PHP for Flash" but I haven’t started reading them yet. Also, I have a brother that has tons of ideas so he might could help if I beg a little. And that’s about it for me. If you want to see what RTK has got so far that I know of please just head over to Learncg which is the old homepage that I coded using a picture that someone from the RTK people made. Also, there are forums for the RTK project here: Forums
Can’t wait to get started!


Well I am going to school right now to learn all about the 3d industry. I have almost a year in CG. I use MAYA 4.5 and know the basics about everything. but my skills mainly show in the modeling department. Hope that helps.:bounce:


Ah, I got a PM from crash that I only just now noticed, and his mailbox is full.

Sure I am back.