RSI sufferer - Advice wanted



I’ve been suffering with Wrist RSI for a 3 years now. I didnt take much notice of it in the beginning. I guess it was my own fault. I used to sit on PC for 16 hour plus 3D modelling with a crap chair and a high desk. I started getting pains in my wrist and gotton worse from then on.

3 years on i bought a new chair, wrist support, new mouse - Vertical mouse 3 ( which has helped a little)… but I feel I gone past the point of no return and now im getting tingling pins and needles across my forearm to elbow

this is really worrying me now as I have a year left to go at Universty and I need to use the mouse for my 3D work, I’m scared I may have to drop everything and change careers completly.

Any 3D artist RSI/carpel tunnel sufferer out there?? any advice you can give me


Switch to wacom and do not ever touch a mouse again. It worked for me.

Also start swimming.


I found wacom too hard to use in Maya, slowed me right down. maybe I didnt give it enough time.


Exercise… Nothing will help more.
I would give more practice with the wacom in all programs also.


My mouse is now gone and I am restricting myself to my trusty Bamboo. Never going back.

Also, why do you say its gone beyond the point of no return? Have you sought the opinion of your Doctor? If not - do so immediately.


I use wacom for everything and it is much faster than the mouse once you get used to it. It shouldnt take longer than a week.

I tried using a mouse the other day and it felt so clunky after getting used to the precision of the pen.

Not like you have a choice. You either get used to it or your wrist gets worse. The vertical mouse stuff doesnt really work (I tried that too) since you are still clicking all over the place. Wacom cuts down on the clicks considerably.


What exercises is good for wrist RSI??



Be careful.


Haven’t touched a mouse in years. Highly recommended you get comfy with a wacom.


I had similar problems and made the move to a tablet a while ago. When you are used to working well with a mouse, shifting to another input device will definitely feel clunky, but you should force yourself to get used to it. I use Maya at work daily and I wouldn’t go back to a mouse unless my tablet broke - and then probably just to get to to order a new one.
If you need the motivation, just remember how it feels when it really hurts or you wake up in the morning with your arm on fire. To feel comfortable with it, it took me maybe a couple of weeks while tweaking the wacom driver options as I went. For a while, try to ignore the mouse completely - just navigating your pc or browsing with the tablet - middle click scrolling is good for browsing. I use the lower button for right-click and the upper button for middle-click. Makes working with maya pretty easy

Apart from that, try stopping very once in a while and shaking/stretching your arm. Get away from the desk even if its only for a few minutes. You could rearrange your keyboard shortcuts to alter the share of the work each of your hands do while working.
Look into getting a Felxtend glove.


RSI can usually be attributed to using the wrong size mouse for your hand, especially one that is too small. If a bigger mouse isn’t enough, then try switching back and forth between two different mouses.


I’ve never had a problem until recently after working a lot of crunch time. But it’s my clicking finger that hurts, not my wrist. I know what you mean, it is scary to think that this threatens your career. For me just becoming aware of the pain has helped me put my hand in a more relaxed position, but there is still pain so eventually i’m gonna have to do something about it, but i’m not sure what. Modelling using a wacom just doesn’t work for me, however using microsofts new Natal technology for modelling would be a perfect solution…someone needs to make that happen.


I agree with everyone else about using a wacom tablet instead. I was starting to have troubles with my wrist until I recently switched to using a tablet only. It does take some getting used to though. At first I was slowed down in Maya cause I wasn’t used to using a tablet, but you get used to it pretty fast and your wrist will feel better. Taking a 3-5 minute break every 30-40 minutes has helped out my wrist too.


If all else fails I would suggest a Kensington Expert Mouse.

Regarding the Vertical Mouse 3, just looking at that thing makes my hand hurt.


Guitar Hero


I started getting carpal tunnel in 1993, started in my right hand, so I switched to my left hand and quickly got carpal tunnel there to. I had surgery in September '93 on my right hand. For the most part I lost 50-60% of my productivity and I had constant sensation from my fingers to my elbows.

It took about 10 years for most symptons to go away.

Number one: see your Doctor for medical advise… find a legit web site that talks about ergonomics so you can learn more about it.

Number two: see what the University can do to help you.

Otherwise the way you work on a computer, how you sit, how long you work for, how you sit at home, what you do at home, everything in regards to your body and how you use it will affect what happens from here on out.

Until you are actually having issues, it’s difficult for others to understand what you are going through. It can be a chronic, constant issue for a long time. The key is to try and manage
how you use your body to work towards healing the injury physically and to not loose hope mentally.

It doesn’t mean you need to stop working towards your career, it just means you may need to take some time to let your body heal and rest. These issues will not go away quickly so be patient and learn to know your limits.

It’s also important to know that one day in a bad ergonomic setting can set you back weeks… so if a workstation/laptop, etc is set up wrong, change it ASAP.

Carpal Tunnel was a big set back for me in the 90’s it made me stop doing a lot of computer work and art… even though I’m not very prolific it didn’t stop me from trying to continue improving my art skills. So don’t give up hope.

Sorry if I’m vague or just talking in general terms here, you really need to talk with a doctor or medical people at the University as a first step.

I hope I helped in some way.



I can only say I do a lot of stretching, free weights, jogging, and p90x.
I may sound like a infomercial this is not spam. Some co-workers and I got into this, you can’t go wrong with it as long as your dedicated:


Sounds a lot like crossfit


Thanks for the reply, yes you are right. best to get diagnosed first…I actually went to see my doctor today, he booked me in for a blood test first and take it from there.

Thanks for the reply, its nice to see you and others made it through and learned to cope with it and not give up.


Thanks for the tip, I’ve just started using the pen again with the settings you’ve recommended. I may also get a cheap 3D connection spaceNavigator to use with the wacom and see how it goes.