RSI poll


Repetitive Stress Injury (ie; carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder impingement, Lateral Epicondylitis)

On the subject of repetitive stress injury brought on by working with computers

I thought it’d be interesting to see what percentage of cgtalk people have had or have RSI.

I also want to raise awareness. Please if you have any ongoing pain don’t ignore it.

As far as I can tell participation in this poll is anonymous

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What is RSI?


I voted “not sure”. I have had aches/pain in my wrist every once in a great while, like once every six months it seems.

Then it goes away :shrug:.

At work, I have an optical mouse and my wrist sits on a gel breast-like thing. At home I have a worn old mouse pad from Syracuse and another optical.


Hey everybody,

Everymorning before I get going on the computer, I do some stretches that really seem to help (it takes all of two seconds).

Stretch both arms out to your sides, like an airplane, and angle your hands straight up, like 90 degree angles. Think of the letter “L” turned on it’s side.

Turn your head to the left, and then the right. You can feel some pulling in the tendons. This helps me quite a bit. I was getting pains a few years ago, and they’ve gone away since I started the stretching.


Hi I edited my first post to define RSI

Basically injury/pain numbness by doing things over and over

Usually manifests itself by pain and /or numbness and the location of the injury can cause symptoms elsewhere (non-localised)

From what I understand the repetitive stuff interferes with circulation which your body interprets as injury and reacts by making scar tissue which compound s the problem. Scar tissue build up and swelling of tissue can interefere with the inner mechanics of our arms/hands/whatever.

Promoting proper circulation and stretching the muscles so that you can maintain a normal range of motion is really important

Floyd THanks for your info!


… I must be grown into sitting like this, because my RSI level is mostly 0. I very rarely have back ackes, but some stretching makes that go away. Oh, and the cycling every day.
My wrist… oddly, I never really have problems with it, -ever. My fingers were stiff for a month while back, but that wasn’t anything to do with CG’ing.
Really, I’m glad about that, as I’d hate to stop doing it because of bodial imperfections (not to say that anybody who has troubles is imperfect and are I are not - my imperfections just lie somewhere else :D)…

Oddly enough, when you discuss things like this, everything starts to hurt.


Think I have a mild case, not diagnosed. The back and right side of my right (mouse hand) have started hurting recently, as well as the bottom of the palm where it rests on the table. I have noticed it more when I do a lot of computer work at home and work (office job in the day, study at night). I have gotten a gel-wrist-support mouse mat for work and that is helping a lot. Might get one at home. Also, changing the way I use the mouse has been helpful (being more relaxed, flattening my hand).


i voted not sure then. I don’t feel back pain. But i feel tired all the time, and wish someone can crack my back bone to make me feel better. Wrist? never. Finger yes, sometime cramps, but i think it is because i don’t have enough vitanims. I drink alot of water and move a round alot. I walk to the bus station 10 mins everyday, most likely I have to run for the bus too.


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