RPG: Player Character


Hi everybody!
This is the first time I’m going for a low-poly model. Right now all the polygons are quads, I will change this later since I think it’s easier to tweak those at the end :smiley:
Actually, that’s where I think I stand right now, just before the whole texturing process.
I would really love some crits on the model, if the polycount would work (approximatley since it’s all up to the engine) and so on.
I’ve used the Loomis-references for this one, in hope of getting close to an “ordinary” looking man.

The polycount that comes with 3D Studio MAX 5 says: 854



Awaiting your replies I’ve put together one of the weapons. No textures yet.

Oh, and If anyone of you know the name of this gun please tell me… I’ve forgotten it :smiley:



And here’s the tutorial level, atleast one of them :smiley:
Here you’ll be able to walk around, trying out “open”, “examine”, “use” and so on.

No textures.

And I’d really LOVE some crits on these.


If anyone of you out there have any experience with RPG’s I’d love to hear from you.
I’d love to hear from anyone :smiley:
Come on, something’s got to be wrong with these.

Take care.


The dude’s bum is a little sharp. Round it out some. For deformations sake, I would toss another edgeloop around where his legs meet his crotch. Is this going to be first person? if it’s not, you could definately get away with fewer polies on the gun.
finally, in the level, you need to do a lot of work on your lighting–the light splashes seem almost haphazard as they are now.


I agree his butt is a bit sharp. Though overall looks nice. As for the name of the gun it’s a Colt Python 357 Revolver. The level looks ok but the light is to harsh and some textures whould help.


Thanks dudes :smiley:

The light on the level will become better, as will textures when I get to that stage. Hopefully I’ll be able to start UVW’ing all the models today.

Tahl’eN; This is going to be a third person RPG (graphically sort of like Never Winter Nights). I think you’re right about the gun :smiley: I’ll clean it up and remove a couple of faces.
And the ass is getting a workover as we speak.

Keiyentai; Thanks for that name, and the crits. See the above post.:smiley:

Take care.


Hi everybody… I just wanted to let you know that I’ve started the textures on the main character, and the Gun. I guess that the gun is moving closer to the finish line than the character right now :smiley:

I removed a lot of unnecessary polys (currently 280), I might fix this one up quite a lot later on, right now I’ll probably just use it for something the character can hold on to for the rig.

The character currently weighs in at 1164 polys, and I think that’s where the roof will have to be… maybe a couple more, but not a hundred :smiley:
I will post something when he has a bit more skin :wink:

Rock on.


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