RPF file not making z-depth for Combustion?


In Max I ensure all options are checked, even the option for Z depth. However, when I tried to add a “3d” element (like DOF or better fog) it would say the zdepth wasn’t there, but it was?

What am I doing wrong? :slight_smile:


Your not just saving the render window are you? as that doesnt include the extra channels regardless if you select to save as an RPF.

Make sure you have set a filename in the render dialog to an rpf, then when its finished rendering and the preview completes you can check your layers have saved from the drop down list in the frame buffer window. ZDepth etc should be listed.



Consider using render Elements and a seperate file. I render to a 16 bit open .exr with zip commpression and use the G-buffer Builder to assign that exr to the Z-depth. Saves a ton of drive space if your doing an animation, else you have to save the RPF as a 16 bit to get a nice smooth gradient on your Z-depth… and that saves all the channels as uncompressed 16 bit…

Good luck

Keith Morrison


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