Rozzy R5


thanks man, really appreciate ur comment. :slight_smile: good luck also :wink:


Thanks a lot, im glad to hear that my image gives u a feeling of nostalgia, i tried my best to portray that kind of image… after all, that’s what i feel also when i look the artworks of Mead, base on what ive seen on the links of his masterpieces. thanks guys for the nice comments… i really appreciate it Good luck to us all…


Another winning entry! Geez man, your works are definitely a close render to Syd Mead, also the design of the vehicles very practical and cool. Great job on the characters too! 5 stars for me!


thanks man :slight_smile: im very glad to hear that, i have a lot of fun doing my entries.


This particular image is the closest you’ve gotten to SM so far. If I ran across this in a random image search Syd’s work would come to mind, opposed to your other entries. One thing to keep in mind is the fact that one of the important powers of a SM work lies in its graphic design strength, which is lacking in the vast majority of folks entries so far.

Good luck.


Quadart-- thanks man, really appreciate the comment,. i agree with you with Syd’s artwork, his designs are has its own feel, its not just about his vehicle design but also how he presents his design with the characters and backgrounds. and overall his unique style of using colors and the final outcome of his works.Truely his one of the Legends. Good luck in your entry, looking forward to it… and Congrats on the Bmovie :wink: it was a tough challenge…, :slight_smile:


some close ups


Really nice stuff, the car designs are excellent. My only criticism is that the figures in the foreground look a bit flat.


I love all your work, it’s so consistently good… makes mine look very amateur


Thanks man glad you like it. :wink:


Thanks Ryann :slight_smile: no don’t be, i bet your good in your own style. good luck in your entry! remember that you should only compete at yourself. :slight_smile:




good luck to us all…


MgeLA-- good luck next time man… :wink:


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