Rozzy R5


In the year 2020, Mecha Corp started testing there first hover craft vehicle that can hover 20ft from the ground. The industry is located in Sparrow valley an hour away from the town of Sentosa. That’s Eng. Edward Peterson unloading some machine, the head engineer of Mecha corp bringing his son “Jimmy” to see some of their inventions. Eng. Peterson owned the first Rozzy R5, which can hover 3-5 ft from the ground and uses solar panels for its source of energy. The specs of this vehicle is almost the same as the Audia Serano except it has some spare 4 wheels just in case something goes wrong with its hovering. A classic hovering car for every family…

Speed is the equivalent exchange of a free life…
–by Edward Peterson

AUDIA SERANO…?f=309&t=882345
Mac-3 version 2 ----…?f=309&t=884937
Volt S5…?f=309&t=887832
HIVE R8…?f=309&t=889815
Rozzy R5




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i like your style. good car to :slight_smile:


NovA-- thanks man :wink:


well done- cgdigi youve been putting in work!


cgdigi,you can only beat yourself!Another well done entry!I wish you luck with all your projects!


Thanks… good luck also in your entry


harry-- LOL, thanks a lot man… you too good luck also. :wink:


I am feeling happy to be a member of this site.I am new here and feel very comfortable!Thank you Guys!!!


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Masterful. This is a really, really strong entry. Good luck (like you need it lol )


Thanks Tmunro, hey i still need that luck you know… :slight_smile: good luck to both of us… :thumbsup:


Rozzy R5 :slight_smile:


Out of all the entries so far, this particular vehicle would look right at home in the US Steel book. Really great job. If you don’t place in this competition, I’ll eat my hat. ( provided, of course, my hat is a cucumber sandwich)


cgdigi… bro, this is spectacular as usual. your visuals are seriously inspiring.
Wishing you the best of luck! :slight_smile:


really thanks man… i know there are a lot of great works also in here and their concept are very futuristic and a bad ass, unlike mine, i just did a little modification. well i hope Mead will see some similarity on of my entries,. ^^ well win or loose, i have fun doing these competition, and gained a lot of knowledge in doing this kind of style… my experience in traditional media is only pen and ink, thats why i admire people who can draw in tradtional medias just like Syd, makes me amaze how he made those reflections without any undos…^^ truely his one of the legends…


thanks man, i’m glad i inspired you in this image, really appreciate it.,best of luck! :wink:


Hi, I just thought I’d add to what’s already been said, great work. You have a nice individual style which is always a good thing in this visually crowded world and this, in my opinion, is your best entry so far. Good luck.



I agree this your best so far but I am impressed with the quality as well as sheer quantity of your entries, you completely blitzed this contest with good work…

I am also a fan of Syd Mead’s early work as it evokes a strange kind of nostalgia for the hopeful future ideals of times past and I think several of your images capture this feeling very well.

Good luck to you!