[Royalty] Artist needed for a highly creative social impact TCG


Do you see nobody like you in any of the games you play?
Do you need a project that will challenge and expand your aesthetic?
Join OGEL.

OGEL (Our Gloria: Eld’s Limn) is a ‘Hearthstone meets Risk!’ TCG.

  • Win by moving your cards, alone or in groups, to overrun your opponent’s side of the board.
  • OGEL’s also a ‘VICE meets Pottermore’ archive of music, writing, and art both canon and fan-made.

We need an artist who pushes both social and artistic boundaries, to design and the game cards and UI.

The in-game world and art styles are moodboarded here; https://www.pinterest.co.uk/gingerlywaffled/We’re playtesting our prototype internally at the late Alpha stage.

Platforms: Steam,Web Browser, Mobile (iOS/ Android).
Compensation: Profit sharing at a negotiated royalty rate.
Email: gingerlywaffled@outlook.com
Landing page: www.ogelgame.com

If interested, please email gingerlywaffled@outlook.com