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Greetings everyone, my name is Jack. I am proud to represent SymmetryGames as both an Artist and business member. Before I continue with more details about the concept artist position, I will lay out basic background information regarding SymmetryGames/Z-Warz.

About SymmetryGames:
SymmetryGames is a new, independent game development studio, founded by myself and a few other developers/artists. Currently, our team consists of one programmer, two 3D artists (including myself), one 2D artist and one sound designer/composer. Currently, we work overseas and communicate via Discord/Skype. For about the past 3 months we have been designing and developing the prototype for what will be our first official game title, Z-Warz.

About Z-Warz:
Z-Warz is a top-down 3D zombie survival game designed for the web and later, mobile platforms. The main mission behind Z-Warz was to create an interesting low-budget multiplayer game that players could access for free. We are basing Z-Warz off of “.io” games which are essentially free to play online video games with simple yet entertaining mechanics. Such titles as Agar.io, Slither.io and Wings.io all fall under this “.io” category. All or most of these “.io” games make a profit from ad-based revenue. One very important question that I receive often is, what separates Z-Warz from other top-down zombie survival games. The core principle in Z-Warz is the multiplayer aspect. We have designed Z-Warz so that almost everyone will only be a few mouse clicks away from connecting with potentially hundreds of players. Within Z-Warz there will be multiple different game modes. Some game modes allow players to battle each other while others establish a cooperative playing field. The team game mode, for example, will allow up to 16 players (subject to change) to connect in one world and battle waves of zombies. The Battlefield game mode, however, is more of an open-world every person for themselves environment. More public information about Z-Warz will be detailed later as well as described on our social media pages. (links will be placed below)

Development/Timeline information:

For the past 3-4 weeks, our small team of volunteers has been working on a basic single player prototype of Z-Warz. After some debating, we finally determined that Unity 5 would be our best option in terms of game engines. Long before we began work on the Z-Warz prototype we knew we wanted to run some form of crowd-funding campaign. For multiple reasons, it seems as though we have settled with running a Kickstarter. Being a new studio we figured running a campaign would be difficult. There would many pieces that would need to be in place to effectively fund our project. We decided it would be best to develop a small prototype of Z-Warz as proof of concept while we built up our basic social media pages. The Z-Warz prototype will mainly be used for game footage for the Kickstarter video as well as a sort of alpha test reward for backers of our project on Kickstarter. As we come close to finishing our alpha prototype, we are beginning to work on the Kickstarter video. We have a basic concept/outline and are ready to move to the next step, pre-visualization.

Concept Artist Information:
Before any animations or visuals are created, we are planning on concepting out the entire Kickstarter trailer/video. As a concept artist, you may be in charge of a few different jobs depending on what is needed and your personal skills/interests:

  1. Creating simple quick 2D concepts of different scenes from the Z-Warz Kickstarter Video outline. (pre-Kickstarter)
  2. Creating 2D concepts for social media. (pre/post-Kickstarter)
  3. Creating detailed 2D top-down maps of Z-Warz environments. (during/post-Kickstarter)

It should be noted that this job is not directly paid. If/when our Kickstarter succeeds, you will be paid royalties for any volunteer work done before our Kickstarter. If you choose to continue working for us, you will be paid in milestones (e.g. social media concept $100) with additional post-release royalties. The number of royalties is completely up for personal negotiation. It should be noted that SymmetryGames will supply any needed software post-Kickstarter.

As a concept artist, the average involvement time in hours will vary. There is a current total of 17 scenes in the Kickstarter video. Nine of which will need basic 2D concepts. It should be noted that we are looking for very simple 2D concept art that may not need to be colored. As for project due dates, we are looking to finalize all concept art within the next month.

If you are interested in working with a creative and talented team of artists and designers as a 2D concept artist, please email us at business@symmetrygames.net *
Please include a short bio or resume as well as a portfolio or any artwork you would like to share.

Unfortunately, there are way too many questions to answer in one job post. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email us at business@symmetrygames.net
Thank you for your time, - SymmetryGames Team

Social Media Links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/symmetrygames/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SymmetryGames
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/symmetrygamesco/?hl=en