Royal Love (updated), Christine Kotlark (2D)


Title: Royal Love (updated)
Name: Christine Kotlark
Country: USA
Software: Painter

The everlasting love between a Pharaoh and his Queen in the ancient times of Egypt.
Inspired by my passion for ancient Egypt and my belief in everlasting love :slight_smile:
Detail is available here Link
>> Hi resolution image <<

>> Hi resolution image <<


I love the BG’s painting~nice colour~and I love those frescoes on the wall~~~~(because I like Egyptian and Grecian history)But I don’t like two people’s painting in this pic~the jewelry’s painting are so nice although~~:bounce: :bounce:


This is a beautiful concept and I like the details you have so far - however the people look unfinished at this point and the indoor light source is questionable (is it a clerestory in the ceiling?). Also, the man’s stomach looks suspect, look through one of your anatomy references to correct the muscles. The abs may be too pronounced given the softer musculature through out the rest of his body and also the fact that he is in a relaxed position.

Very good image. I don’t think you have much farther to go :thumbsup:


Thank you for the feedback, It was great to have that third eye. I updated it, I hope the corrections are noticable. Thanks again :slight_smile:


very impresive, the whole mood and color tones, style…I like it…very good work


The man’s stomach looks a lot more convincing, good job. I am still not certain about the interior light source, for instance, the woman’s chest looks lit from a strong light above her, while the bowl of fruit looks lit by a lower, warmer toned light. The shadow cast by the man’s elbow is contrary to the direction of the bowl’s cast shadow. Decide where your interior light is coming from and then adjust your shadows appropriately, and I think you will be done.

Once again, good work.


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