Routine Animation Practice Assignment


Would anyone be interested if I routinely posted a random assignment to animate? This thread for animation sessions has been quite abandoned since I joined CGS and I would really like to start coming up with random projects to keep honing my animation skills and try new things. I figured I might as well see if any other animators were interested? It could be something as simple as a 10 second clip, no fancy renders and a basic concept like “2 characters, 1 tickling the other, 10 second shot” and an assigned timeline to submit. Very similar to 10 second club just focusing on a particular shot description instead of an audio clip.


I’m totally up for this. How about something that would also focus on one thing, like weight? So 2 characters tickling, focus would be weight. Just an idea, keep me posted.


Hey I’m up for this. It sounds fun! basic foundations make up all the great shots that we drool over. And its about time this part of CG talk gets fired up. I remember back in the day they’re being lots of animators hanging out here. I remember seeing finished work being front paged. But that doesn’t happen anymore.



Alright, I’m glad to see there is interest in it so I will plan on starting an assignment next month. Simple concept and a focus on fundamentals like weight, showing anticipation, etc. Any other suggestions are certainly welcome as well, thanks for sharing your thoughts.


i just started a similar idea to practice full body acting…short clips for quick tests…here’s something i put together this weekend…simple work flow process i learned (and still learning) at AM :slight_smile: feedback always welcome. enjoy!



Nice progress!

I like the dialog and the hands feel good, nice expression too. I think you could rework some of the timing, the relationship to the hands everything is moving together. Maybe have one hand delayed by 2-3 frames. I like them on the “up” but they arrive very close together. Also the shoulders seem stiff maybe they have a little motion happenin however the movement seems like his shoulders would react more. Also keep in mind the shoulders would be driving in this scene. Another thing is the weight shift into end feels strange because his back arcs when he’s coming forward for an intimate moment. It might feel better if he leans into that weight shift, So he bends the opposite way. I think a little more of an antic before that as well, would help. You hit your main phenoms in your lip sync, I did notice that “To Stay,” after “HOW”… your “To” needs a hint of a shape and the “Stay” really needs more of an “S” shape and a jaw open for that “A” -StAy… keep workin at it.

I look forward to seeing more posts!!


hey pugs! thanks for taking the time and giving feedback! greatly appreciated! the shoulders are completely dead now that you’ve mentioned it, good eye! i figured it wouldn’t move as much since it’s just the elbow and wrists but having it not moving is no better either. thanks again!


Hey seeing how the practice hasn’t officially kicked off yet, here’s what Iv been working on in the meantime. So far the original has been scrapped for this newer blocking. Which already needs work. I will post something more substantial soon. I think the composition is muddled (not as bad as my first attempt, {there have been many}) as well as the silhouette is very lumpy, hmm back to the drawing board.


Hey guy ,i just got of some work.nice to see people wanting to get this challenges in


Progress so far!


I’m interested in being apart of this. It would be a nice way to keep up with practice, which can lead to growth not only as animators, but as people. I’m down. I could use another activity/hobby to do during the week…


Alright here is the February animation theme:

have at it! =]


Hey Ragdoll.
Nice work. Just a little more tweaking.
In the frames leading up to “to stay alive”, I don’t think his brows should drop before his head turns. It makes it look stiff.
Keep it up


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