Hi guys,

i done rotoscoping for two characters in the url attached in the footage, where one character is walking and other is sitting on a chair. And the walking character has lots motion blur which i used global blur in roto node.
So now i want extract the both the characters out for making a rotoscoping breakdown reel, i know like we have to some premult, unpremult and edge blur to get this out but i dont whats the exact procedure to do it. i tried searching on youtube and all but, they don’t actually show the setup properly. how it should be done. but in a glance i have seen that, they have made one core matte and one edge matte and channel merge them. i want do like that.

please help me

Akhil Visweswar


I’m unclear. What exactly are you trying to do? Cut out the blurry walking guy and comp him into another piece of footage? Where are you having difficulty? I’m assuming you’re using Nuke?


hi unaccompanieddminor,

yes i’m using nuke, and i want that blurry walking guy and other guy sitting on that chair extracted perfectly and comp it to checked background and grey background.