Rotoscoping tutorials/advice


So I’m doing some roto work on a personal project…except I’ve never done roto before. I know the very basics. I know what it is obviously, and I know how to draw rotoshapes and keyframe them in nuke.

I was just wondering if there are any tutorials out there that explain some of the nuances, like how to deal with motion blur, where to put your edges (do you put it at the edge of where the object should be or at the edge of the motion blur), how many shapes should you use for a complex object? How often do you want to set keyframes, etc.

Obviously these things change from shot to shot, project to project, but I’d really love to see a tutorial with someone doing some roto and explaining what they’re doing and why.

Any software is fine. I’m more interested in the theory than which buttons to press.

Please advise.