Rotation Distorts Object


This seems to have been discussed previously in a number of threads but I couldn’t find an answer.

I’ve been experiencing a strange issue from time to time mostly on models I have merged or imported from a model library. Currently a spotlight object merged from Evermotion lamp object series is distorted about a certain axis as I rotate it. It seems related to linking but it does not occur on a newly created box.
I can also get rid of the situation by simply attaching it to a newly created box. But there are 75 instanced light fixtures like this and if I use this method, I have to either relink all those objects or at its best, delete all and re-clone as instances from scratch.

:confused: I’m so frustrated when I waste hours on a simple rotation over a tight deadline.


sounds like scale hasn’t been properly reset, X/Y/Z should be all at 100.

Look for Reset XForm scripts on scriptspot…or wait for other users that can recommend one…I don’t know of a good one meself.