Rotating the SCALE axis


Does anyone here know how I can rotate the scaling axis of an object/vertices?

I’ll try and explain:

If you have a cube and rotate it 30 degrees in y, you will notice that when you scale the object, the rotation axis also rotated with it, alowing you to scale along the objects original axis.

Now when you freeze transformations, the scaling axis snaps to be oriented with the world axis (IE its as if before you freeze transformations, you are scaling locally, after you freeze transformations you are scalling globally)

Is there any way to interactively choose the direction of which an object is scaled along?


Mike R


you can just stack transforms, if history isnt an issue you might use my localOrient script on highend3d that allows you to interactively reorient the local axis.


Double click on the scale icon.
It then shows you a couple of was to scale.

:: Galactor ::


This question comes up all the time. I wish Alias would just implement some scale gizmo thingy that would allow the user to (at least temporarily) rotate the scale axis. Until then we´ll have to use workarounds, like what wrend referred to.



If you create a group which contains just your one object, you can scale the group on the global axis, then ungroup.

Edit: As I fiddle with it I came up with a slightly more robust method than grouping. Create a dummy object (cube) at the scale pivot point of the object you want to scale.

Rotate the dummy object into the orientation you want.

Parent your object to the dummy object

Scale the dummy, then unparent and delete the dummy.

Still isn’t really fluid, but it does allow scaling on a different axis.


I got IT!!!

Rotate the rotate pivot to where you want the scale axis aligned, then “uncheck” all options for Modify->Freeze Transformation, and click apply. The scale manipulator will snap to match the rotation axis.

If you wish you can go ahead and check some options to freeze other transformations, but it is not necessary to have anything checked.

EDIT: Oh!!! Don’t freeze the rotation, because that will snap everything back to vertical.

makeIdentity -apply true -t 0 -r 0 -s 0;

Stick that in a shelf, and it will align the scale pivot to the rotation pivot, withou messing up any other translations.

MORE EDIT: After reading back over the original question, and thinking it through a bit better. I realize that this still doesn’t give the kind of fluid interactive controll that is missing from scale, but it does allow a level of control I didn’t realize was there.


Talk about digging up an old thread! TO be honest, Ide never noticed I had any of the later replies. Im in a similar mindset to Dwalden… There should be something more INTERACTIVE. I’de hate to have to get plums deep into setting up transform nodes just for a quick edit.

Now that I know people understand the problem, here was the specific issue I had:

I want to be able to have this level of contorl when I am in COMPONENT mode over selected verts/faces/etc.

I’de love to get into the MEL of it, but i dont know where to begin on this one.

Mike R


I’m sitting here digging into the xform command to try and get a handle on how to make it more fluid in object mode, and that is boggling my mind.

Doing it in component mode isn’t even appealing. :surprised:




This works for me if I uncheck everything except scale in the freeze transformations box.

Spent all day trying to figure this out. Next time I need to seach CGTalk first.


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