rotating my fingers in MB?


i set up all my joints for my characters fingers. i got the Yellow joints on them now. i cant rotate or anything? did i do something wrong? sorry im so vague on this , but i dont know what other way to explain it.


Sometimes when selecting the yellow FK joints you select the bones instead. Turn off the skeleton display or turn on skeleton lock selection.


the yellow joints in MB, i am able to manipulate them then? all i need is for them to rotate.


yes you can manupulate them the yellow stands for FK bones… turn the display off on skeleton, and also on ik to make it easier to see the fk bones… now you have to DOUBLE CLICK on one of the finger joint yellow balls then you can rotate.


if you are just talking about rotate the finger effectors, you have to be in body part mode. the full body mode it only for the general body manipulation.


ok i understand now thanks everyone


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