Rotate Biped forearm independently


I have a biped rig and I was wondering how to rotate the forearm without having the upperarm being rotated with it? Having always the upperarm rotating causes unwanted deformations.
Thank you


That can’t be done AFAIK, simply not possible. It would introduce pretty bad deformation
anyway arround the upper/lower arm joint

But you got automatic twist bone support in biped, you can simply dial in the number of twist bones and they will be generated for you. Of course you have to skin those bones then, and remove the forearm from skin.
Now when you rotate the hand, the twist bones rotate accordingly and simulate the “twist” of the two bones a human ellbow consists of. If you think about it, not being able to twist the forearm in biped is the equivalent to the human arm not being able to twist the forearm in the upper part, only the part near the hand can be twisted


thank you for this information


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