Rotate a cube to view between two corners perfectly in top view


Hey guys,

i’m trying to rotate a cube, so i can see perfectly between two corners in the top orthographic viewport. However this seems impossible to find a perfect rotation value. The closest i can get is 45 / 35 / 0 with a cube that is 1,1,1 in size.

I feel like ive found a glitch in the Matrix!!

Any solutions that provides a perfect value?



Hey man,
do you mean see the edge between 2 vertices that overlap in Ortho top view?
If so, this could be good old gimbal lock, right? Try separation of the axes, that should work (I’m not at work right now). Just a thought!


what about 45 / 35.265 / 0 ?


If the square is 1x1x1, then the right angle of the second rotation should be arctan(1/sqrt(2)) ≈ 35.2644, so the right rotation angles should be 45 / 35.2644 / 0.

By the way, you really should explain your problems better, they are usually pretty confusing.


So imagine a hexagonal shape -

if you’re in the top view and rotate the cube to the point that it appears like a hexagonal shape. You would be looking directly from one corner through the other corner on the opposite side. Both corners would line up perfectly.