Rose, Anthony Guebels (3D)


Title: Rose
Name: Anthony Guebels
Country: Belgium
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

This is a picture i’ve been working on recently during my spare time… took me a few weeks to complete.
I’ve built this model in 3ds max, added some details with zbrush and did the compositing in photoshop (colors adjustments, paint the background,…). Hair with 3dsmax “hair and fur”. Render with mental ray.

Thanks a lot for viewing, comments are welcome!


Great job. Textures look great, and the lighting compliments her very well. Five stars!


Great work again! She looks great:thumbsup:


COOL! light and background all fit well~ and I like her hair 4*from me


Nice piece, really like the face, hair and hands. The only crit I can see is the blue hue around the pupils. It tends to flatten out the eye ball some.




i love it…n would like to see more renders of this beautiful lady…:love: :scream:


Great work. Textures look very nice!


Very nice character! My main critique is that because her name is “Rose,” the amulet dangling from her hand should be a rose shape rather than a star shape. That’s what I would have done, but maybe I’m too literal. :slight_smile:

The hair is absolutely beautiful. How long did the hair take you? What kind of tricks did you use to shape it? Have you thought about writing a tutorial on it? :deal: Peace,

  • me


shes gorgeous…I love the soft painterly look…5 stars:)

was she rigged and positioned or modelled as is?


Fantastic render. The lighting is superb as well as the content.
Frank Picini


Excellent image. The hair looks especially un-CG-like.

Two things that immediately struck me about this image: 1) It’s a little dark (and I’m on a Mac). 2) The tonality of the image is pretty constant. While her skin is somewhat visually separated from the background, her corset is not. My suggestion: I’d separate the girl from the background (two layers only) and then run a photoshop Photo Filter on the background with one of the coolers set very low. By adding back a tiny bit of blue into the background, you’ll separate her from it better, I think.

Modeling and texturing wise, you’re so far ahead of me I can’t do anything but look admiringly. :wink:


The thing I like is how the hair is well lit for the environment, well done there. Its a nice piece overall, Nice work.


wow, that is outstanding. congratulations. some wires would be nice.


Extremely Well-Done Excellent Lighting and Texturing, +5
Keepup the good work.


wonderfull render.

I support the notion that maybe a few wires would be cool? I’m always more interested in the technical aspect.
How did you put together the skin?
How long did the complete project take?
what were major issues?



I’m in love…haven’t seen an image like this in a while, the colors and the mood that the image has is just awesome… Great Work…


Very good work, the model is flawless and youve captured a great mood. I especially love the slight blemishes makes her feel soo much more real… one of the closest to perfect pieces I have seen on here no crits just praise :thumbsup:


Lovely work.

Almost looks painted.



Looks great! Especially her face. Good job


great work! One of the best composition i’ve seen