Rope Climber, Arslan Javed (3D)


Title: Rope Climber
Name: Arslan Javed
Country: Pakistan
Software: Maya

This is a rope climbing robot. It was modeled in maya and rendered using maya mental ray with final gather.


that looks neat, i’d love to see a real one.

Any real purpose of a rope climber? or just bored one day? :smiley:


it’s translucenced… i don’t know how you set up your fg settings,but if you’re using fg, you don’t need any additional lights in your scene… switch off default light set in maya, than create one plane and give the highest illumination value and pure white color to it… just move it a little bit up and you don’t need anything else… just switch on fg… that’s all…


Ok i get it so thats why it so bright. thanks


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