Roots of evil, Matti Halen (2D)


Title: Roots of evil
Name: Matti Halen
Country: Finland
Software: Photoshop

This piece is entitled ‘Pahan Juuret’ (Roots of evil). It’s a CD booklet illustration for the next CD of band called Miriam. Variation of this image is also used as cover art for single with the same name.

When I started I was inspired by works of Ian and Frank Miller and the song it self. The song is about a suffering man trying to get rid of the roots of evil in and around him so I tried to catch that feeling and this is what came out.

Image is made with mixed techniques. Most of it is digital painting, some of the roots and textures are from own photos, some watercolors are also used for texture, color and basic lighting. More detailed construction animation can be found here:

It shows construction of image layer by layer, 4 frames/layers per second.

Comments and critique most welcome. Hope you enjoy the image.


Don’t know how to put extra images to that first post so here some details:

And single cover art version:


Hi Matti, very nice work for the CD!! I like the perspective you chose, and nice warm colors for the subject. I find the hanging characters intriguing. well done:)


The last detail is the best. For the whole (first) picture is the character not well remarkable.


Thank you eyetude-etude and langara007 for your comments. :hmm:


I like the composition. My eyes go around the picture and I found the little details along the way.


Thank you Ina. :slight_smile:

I personally find it rewarding to travel trough the images and find the details that may make the story deeper or sometimes even give it a new twist, so I’m glad when I manage to put some of that to my images too.


I love the Cover, everything fits nicely together, awesome work
love the details and that use of brushes too, so the work becomes an unique style - simply great


Thank you huK/Marcus. I’m glad you liked it. :slight_smile:


Really nice work on the light and colours.


Thank you senyphine. I feel usually quite cautious with (saturated) colors and this image is one small step on my way to actually to use some.


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