root of rig follows character, and timing/spacing



I have some questions about an animation. The rig (rigify) has a root bone which is a circle with arrows on the floor. I am trying to animate a shadow boxing routine and can not figure out how to move the character (footwork) while keeping the root under the character. Because of this I cannot reuse the poses when the character moves.

So the question is, how do I move the character relative to the root? Do I do a sort of moonwalk like with a walk/run or is there another way?

here is what I am talking about,

Also the character looks very mechanical although it is a quick action so there are only 3 frames between each keyframe… so not much room to adjust.

I have thought I could increase the frame-rate to 60 but I am curious what the right way is.

the reference video is at

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I’m curious about this too, how to deal with the root bone.



I saw some videos on youtube where they seem to disregard it for boxing, so I don’t know.* I am just going ahead with it and just basically ignoring this bone.* The big problem that I see, as I mentioned earlier, is that I cannot use the pose library because the bones are relative to at least that bone (I think).

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What I think instinctively is that you are doing it the right way, as it would be too hard animating this kind of action in “moonwalk”, with the feet sliding, and then re-animate it to make it move on the ground.

So I think you are going to have to recenter each pose that you want to keep in a pose library (unless there is an add-on for that ?)


I tried recentering each pose in another animation but its really kind of an approximation, it will never be exact.* That’s an interesting thought, an addon, hmm. Maybe I’ll look for that. I am guessing that there is a convention for this type of thing.




A little update, still pretty rough:

Also I guess its somewhat dark… and I guess I should start a new thread.

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