Room, Haytham Rezk (3D)


Title: Room
Name: Haytham Rezk
Country: Egypt
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

Hello every body thats my first work by 3d max i used in it one spotlight i also used global illumination, final gather and i rendered it by mental ray i want to know your openions please crit. it welcome with every one .


Please by no means consider me an expert, but I believe I have a few pointers I can help you out with. First, and this was also a pointer given to me, all rooms have wooden edging or a pattern where the wall meets the floor and follows the edges of the room. Second, the couch has no back, so if somebody were to sit they would fall over…lol. The textures you used seem really crisp and smooth. I like that. Last, I noticed you have a lot of reflections on the wall from the couch and the rocks. Turn those down a little bit and the scene will look great! Not bad at all!


Nice work safout

i agrea about what NauticaC said
also i like the lighting very much don’t change it
good job:)


hi safout!

i´m not a 3d expert, but i find the right wall too glossy, i think the rocks shouldn´t be reflected on it and the line where the walls meet is too dirty and undefined, since i guess it´s a contemporary mood, cleaning it should help to get the effect. I like the soft shadow in the back, but again cushions are reflecting over it, hope to help you :slight_smile: a little


The lighting is perfect, surfaces perfect. And the floor must have very recently been thouroughly sealed and waxed, I like that, it feels real.

Two things, totally turn of the reflection on the walls, that way the corner in the walls will be stronger and more realistic. And line up the black spots of the carpet with the egdes, so there’s a complete border around them. The carpet looks so cheap cutoff “yard ware”, pity.

I’m rather unclear of what the two “rocks” should be. If they’re like “sitting bags”, maybe you could indicate that by some moulds (aka homer simpson g) :wink:

Since your pic is rather “brown”, maybe a subtle hint of some sleek plant could liven up that place. Just for the Feng Shui :wink:


thanx a lot for every one as i said its my first work …so i think that i took care from the lighting and i didnt for the other details …again thax a lot for all of u… :bounce:


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