Rooftops, Rockets and Adventures beyond, Marek Denko (3D)


Title: Rooftops, Rockets and Adventures beyond
Name: Marek Denko
Country: Slovakia
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

Hello CGtalk,
After long breaks I was able to finish my next personal artwork. Finally! It’s been 2 years back when I started to work on it. Originally it was planned as a christmas present for my kids. Due to heavy workload I wasn’t able to finish until now. Hope you like it. Scene is done in 3dsmax 2012 and rendered with Vray. Background sky, mountains are combination of photographs with a lot of over-paint work in Photoshop. For kids hair I’ve used photos aswell. Image was rendered in 3840×5455 pixels. Dedicated to my 3 little kids! Poster is on the way!


Great work!




This kind of thing always inspires me! Nice work!


Fine work as usual.


WoW Amazing job (one Awards) :wink:




Krásne. {Beautiful} :buttrock:


Hello please find the higher resolution here:

and shade render here


First class rendering.The level of detail is just amazing.


Hey man! Always loved your works, but let me say something )
Clay render is wonderful, love the models, great details as usual , but dont you think that final picture is a bit overburned? There is a lack of volume and air here.
Well this is my personal opinion, the work is awsome still )


great details & very nice render :thumbsup:


Very inspiring, thanks for sharing, its gorgeous and well worth the time invested.


Details are killed me. Awesome!


MarekD you have to see this my work
ok , it’s not detailed as your but i find some similariteres

here are my making of


popiči Marek.

im sure your kids will love it


woooow phuck yeah!!! this is beyond great! its sooo amazing to see all the details went into this piece! how did you work on it?


Wonderful piece, incredible modelling. Personally I prefer the softer tone in the clay render.


superb work


Great Job.
Huge number of details.
Happy to see your work.