romantic- character designs


i hardly get to do any pieces that have characters expressing any emotions. so i thought i’d do a piece based on love.
here’s some character designs i made for the piece. not exactly the lovey dovey looking kind of people, but i’ve never really seen love between two warrior-ish people

i suck at drawing girls, by the way :stuck_out_tongue:
C:C’s are encouraged!


…guess it’s not bad … but … if you complete it … it may be something really good … … and who from two of them is a girl ??..


Yeah, not bad. But when I think of romance I think of kissing. These two look like they just got finished arguing over the electric bill. War is no excuse for not kissing.

I’d like the woman’s hips to be lower, narrower, and not curve in at the knee so much. Also the (tattoo?) on the man’s right arm flows right into his body, which makes the image look flat in that area. Change that line when you flesh it out or separate it by light and shadow.


these are just character designs. i’ll be working on the piece soon enough and they’l be in a more romantic kinda pose. there’s not tattoo on the guys arms, but there is one running up the center of his torso. i guess the pencilling makes things kinda fuzzy. girls hips are pretty damn wide. :stuck_out_tongue:


nice… well you might wana emphasize the romance based more on the lighting… and the things that they are doing. for instance give them an environment. and make them seem like they are doing something for instance, gazing at the star on a balcony or picnic in a luscious forest… as for character designs… i like it … it looks almost like they’ll be in a surrealistic kinda world. almost fantasy like… would love to see more… awesome :slight_smile:


pls critique my modelling reel character design wip…thanks


Nice job with the girl’s face – definitely feminine features. I agree that the hips are too wide. His physique is well done as well – very lean, but muscular. They look like teenagers. He seems to be gallant in “going first” and she seems to appreciate that, but this could just as easily be brother and sister. In this pose, she should be holding his hand and looking at him, perhaps give her a little grin. I really like his hair and the costuming in general. Look forward to seeing this develop.


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