Roman Baths



After my recent lost of my hard drive and my work:(
I’ve decided to create a new demo reel in Unreal Editor. Which I’ve heard is a good idea to do, if I’m going to pursue a job as a enviroment artist or level designer.

This is my first lil scene i’m creating. Roman Bath. Most of the columns and details were made in Maya and 3D Max. Some of the textures I didnt create, dont want to take credit for Epic’s work. BUT, I did modify them.

I’ll soon post some more pics when I updated it.


It’s a nice scene, but it’s pretty boring to look at.
also your columns might use some more variety and why is the ceiling so dark?


Good start! I’m working on a modern-day Cairo map myself, for the same reasons as you:)

I have a few tips to avoid repeating textures, even tho the ones you are using are not noticeably repetitive. You can make the columns separate from the head and feet of the column, this enables you to rotate the column itself without rotating the rest of it, so the texture is no longer aligned in exactly the same way as the others. You can even do this to replace the head or feet of the columns yet keep the column’s spine itself.

The only crit I have right now is that there are no actual light sources:) Check these lighting tutorials for Unreal, they are quite good!


the ceiling is black, because i havent made a skybox for it, and yes it does look boring. Maybe i should have wait til i added some more plants and objects.

Phil thanks for the tip and that lighting tutorial.


yo pete, that is looking great, but i would suggest adding some color variation in the red parts of the pillars, you know, just to break it up a little.
how about a fountain in the middle? that would look cool


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