Rolls Royce StreetRacer-Final


Finally rendered out some shots, I am now calling this old project finished :wink: Some of you may have seen this in the WIP section, I hope you will still comment/rate the thread. :thumbsup:
On the first render the extreme DOF is intentional, I like it…hehe
Sorry Images were removed, here is 1, more on my site :wink:



Woah, very nice job, i like it a lot.:thumbsup: What are those two back wheels for though?


they are wheelie bars (it keeps the car from flipping on itself)

nice looking ride … rat fink extreme :slight_smile:


Nice car!! Nice reflections either!

Dont like the background though… It’s nice… but not my style (green color combined with the red car)


Another view:


Have you ever played the game Carmageddon? Well if you havent I totally see this car ripping up the streets in one of those games.


Yep those are wheelie bars!:wink:
wdekreij, and suggestions on the background? I would be willing to tinker with it a bit more…:beer:


cool :thumbsup: it also kind of reminds me of Mr. Burn’s car from the Simpsons


Yep those are wheelie bars:thumbsup:
@wdekreij, any suggestions for the background, I’d be willing to work on it
@ kingston, never played the game, I am going to check it out on google :wink:


Spritemare, do you happen to have a pic of that car, I googled and couldn’t find 1…just curious. :slight_smile:


Now thats a sweet car. Nice modeling and all. What do bother me is the lack of dirt, small imperfections and that sort of stuff.

But besides from that its an awsome model



Thanks Flaviosen! The lack of dirt is because we have servants to polish the car LOL Seriously though, the 1 in the environment might benefit from a little dirt. The blue shots are studio type so I guess a spotless car would be in order. Thanks for taking the time to comment


hey there, tbonz! you looked at my chevy, so i figured i’d come over and poke aruond at your work! :wink:

this car is badass! looks really stylized and wicked! i approve very much of the red paint and the green background! It looks very bold and emblished this way… like the car itself! I think its perfect!

I don’t know how realistic you’re going on the mesh, but the fact that the large back tires have no bulge to them at the bottom (from the weight of the car pushing down), gives away that its a CG picture and causes the tires to look kind of stiff like plastic – not rubber. I suggest experimenting with a Stretch space warp (or possibly one of those lattice space warps that let you manipulate the warp itself) to get the tires bulged and flattened around the bottom. You’ll need to bring the whole car and tires down a lttle lower to the ground to achieve the effect of the car pushin down on the tires.

outstanding work! :slight_smile:



I can still remember the Wip-one, it was the car with the straight reflection line on the front grill. Finally you’ve corrected that! Are you sure about the wheel not hitting the car-chassis?

Otherwise, a very neat modell
The reflections do there job well! :slight_smile:


that’s pimp


Thanks for taking a look guys!
pha3z I may do a rerender with the tires a little smushed, working on a couple of other things at the moment…Mental ray is kicking my ass with interior architectural renders and shadow artifacts… hehe

This project will be expanded on sometime in the future, I want to make this bad boy rumble down the street :wink:


what program did you use to make that?


Zooyorkbmxer modeled in max 6, rendered in Mental Ray… I may rerender now that I have a bit more understanding of settings in Mental Ray.


lol… i dont understand how this stuff is possible in 3dsmax
i cant make anything in that program…
i guess its cause ive been using it for a day lol
im more used to bryce


How did you do the render? What program are you using? if you’re using Max, I’d like to know so I can render my ferrari wip like that.