Rollout follows another Rollout


I’m looking for an example of how to make the second rollout move along with my first rollout…and in the same way the first rollout is linked to the second rollout as well.

	try destroydialog ::RO_01 catch()
	try destroydialog ::RO_02 catch()
	rollout RO_01 "01" width:150 height:100
		on RO_01 moved pt do setdialogpos RO_02 [pt.x+200, pt.y]

	rollout RO_02 "02" width:150 height:100
		on RO_02 moved pt do setdialogpos RO_01 [pt.x-200, pt.y]
	createdialog RO_01 pos:[600,400]
	createdialog RO_02 pos:[800,400]


That’s what I was looking for! It’s perfect, thank you very much PolyTools3D