Roller skate dancing character rig?


Just curious about something for a future project.

I just created my first from-scratch IK character rig, and am getting the general hang of diaabling / re-enabling various IK chains to do various dance moves involving foot glides, etc.

I have another upcoming track that’s a throwback roller skate dancing track, and am thinking about perhaps doing a 3d character animation for a scene in that video.

I’d just be interested to hear from anyone who has attempted anything similar, or has experience or insights into character animation that might be helpful. Is there anything beyond the basic rigging I should be looking into? Any particular tuts that show techniques perhaps presented in another context that would be a fit?

Interested in any insights into either the general character movement, glides, and also in the physics of the skates (wheels move only when gliding, toe stopper plants point of infinite friction, etc.


basic ik will work fine. for the arms you might wanna use fk mostly for a smooth delayed swinging motion. roller skating is pretty fun to animate, you’ll see. :slight_smile: done it once, but in a very cartoony fashion… never finished that piece though unfortunately. if you’re interested in looking at it, send me a pm…