Roller Coaster of the Dark Matter


[color=white] I was inspired and amazed by Leonardo Da Vinci studies on the Universe and its relations to Platonic Solids. In this project, I recreated these solids in a new way. What you see here are 5 solids: Icosahedron, Octahedron., Cube, Tetrahedron and Dodecahedron; evenly deformed and then realigned to achieve elliptical dynamic effects.[/color]

[color=white] Major part of this work was the composition of solid forms, reflections, lights, and lens distortion of the camera, then colors and textures.

This image is a conceptual piece of digital art recreated from my previous conceptual studies and work. Every element in this image is essential to one another and one whole, like the universe that we exist in. Every element has a meaning in this image: choice of textures, colors, placement, composition, etc.

I can only share one of the elements with you; the limited true blue reflections.

I chose the surface of the solid forms to be reflective in blue, reflection of only itself and other solids, but not reflecting rays of light or elements of dark matter. Part of this idea represents the collective consciousness and sub-consciousness of the amazing Universe.


Enjoy, Rafao.

(3d Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator)


Very cool image!


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