Roll up doors animation.


Can someone help me with roll up doors animation? I got a van truck model with ramp and such a gate type and have to make a setup scene with animated ramp (thats not a problem) and roll up doors. Im kinda stuck with it. Can`t find a way to roll a parts correctly along the rail.


normally… in many packages, you would probs do this by making each little “slat” of the door, constraining to a curve, and then moving them all… but not in LW you wont.

I would recommend using PLGcurvebone (plugin) for this one.

Create a string of bones that skin to the door, aly a couple of nulls to make the curve, and drage the bones over it…

No idea what Im talking about?? Go to the site in my sig… go to shares section, get the 3 hour demo of my RHR tutorials, and watch the multibone IK video.


I think I did it.ramp and roll up doors are controled by nulls. Rotating one, everything movin. It take a while but it`s worth it. Check out video


No plugins or other software needed! In this case the bend deformer is the fastest and perfect solution. Super fast to set up. Another solution is working with nulls but the bend solution is perfect and fast. Check my scenes in following post.


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