Rogue polygons in uvw unwrap


I have this case where the mesh uvs break or so, and there are weird polygons that won’t get fixed no matter what.
I tried everything at the mesh level, as well as the uv level, no hope of fixing that, except clearing the uvs altogether and restart from scratch, which is not an option many times.
See pic.
Thanks in advance for helping


Hard to see what exactly is going on.
It looks like your UVs are mirrored, which will cause problems with relaxing the UVs.
If there are no actual breaks in the mesh or UV, you could try a few different relax methods after mirroring it back (like a relax by centers with very few iterations). If you have changed the mesh after applying the UVs or if there are actual holes in the UVs you won’t get around fixing/redoing that part at least.


Thank you noren for your help.
I did mirror. However, no holes. I tried reset xform and collapse to remove mirror info in the mesh, but it doesn’t work.


The UVs shouldn’t be mirrored (while relaxing) the object itself can be mirrored (I think).


ok thanks