Rocks and trees : SD/SP Texturing INSTEAD of sculpting ?


The more I get deep into SD/SP the more I think it would be easier and more productive for landscape design props such as rocks and trees to :

  1. make directly a low poly with only the big shapes and making sure that the UV seams are tucked in main cracks and crevices ot the model and are orientated as appears in nature.
  2. make / reuse a tilable texture to add fine details ( normal map) spec and diffuse.

And I would only use zbrush for scoulpting special props that needs a text that I cant make procedural.

Let me know of yor thoughts , cheers.



This is a good idea for a workflow. I use zbrush for large form shapes and to basically build up the silhouette of the shape. Then I do the fine details using the height and normal channels in Painter. It’s much faster and you can do this on the low poly.