Rocking Horse


Another in the series: Rocking Horse.
Just a standard, old fashioned rocking horse.
All elements created and rendered in Zbrush with additional Photoshop work.
4096 X 4096


Link to larger version <1500x1500> HERE

Feedback allways appreciated!


Hi Meats,

Fabulous work… you have a truly unique style and the ‘ethnic’ feel and texturing is a refreshing quantum leap from the usual CG themes. There’s also a cool surrealistic ‘Zappaesque’ quality to your images. Are you a fan of Bruce Bickford by any chance?

I’m a Lightwave user looking forward to learning Z Brush in the New Year. I’d love to know more about the techniques you’re using to achieve those intricate skeletal ‘tendril’ like effects. Any advice?

Inspiring work




Great work! beatiful smooth feeling in a sharp technique, this is my favorite so far. :thumbsup:


man, I think i just gotta get your DVDs.:thumbsup:


… so regularly one could almost make a drinking game based on it. Awesome.


inspireing as always!


Thanks a lot all y’all.

Bobakabob - I had never heard of Bruce Bickford before your post, A quick google search revealed all. Wow, he rules. I hope I’m like him when I’m his age…cool guy. Apparently there is a new documentary about him - you can see a trailer for it HERE.
As far as my technique, do a search at, In posted a tutorial about it awhile back…

I forgot to post some of the WIPS while makeing this:




Series or no, this one’s a CD cover.

(remind me to form a band so we can license that image)



On the image with the “horse” and white background… I can see something like 3Ds light trace (bounce). Is this possible in Zbrush 2 renderer?


Thanks Aaron.

Opossum -

There is no light bounce, but you can render shadows with a faked type of global illumination with the Zmode shadows button turned on. It can do some nice shadow effects, but won’t be able to always render perfect shadows because of the way that Zbrush culls the Pixols that aren’t visible.


Meats, I´ve tried it before but not with that good result, but I´ll try ig again.
Thanx for inspiration to my work!



The updated images are great, totally alien and otherworldly looking. The detail is phenomenol.

Thanks for the Bruce Bickford link. Good that there’s a documentary in the works. I recommend the Zappa DVD ‘Baby Snakes’… even if you’re not a fan of Zappa, it’s worth it for the mind blowing - somewhat disturbing - plasticene animation sequences.:eek:





Looking good Meats! Doing a little series of framed images? They all look great, of course.

I’d be curious about any way to use this technique with another renderer.

Keep it up, man man!



Meats, remind me to find it… I have a Bruce Bickford animation tape sitting around somewhere at home that is awesome… was really into Zappa many years back and discovered Bickford through Baby Snakes. It has some great stuff on it.



The texturing is awsome!


Honestly meats, you are really insane , but in a really sane and positive way. cannot wait to get my set of dvd´s i ordered on the 15th . any idea how long it takes to send them to Germany? how many Z2 dvd´s are in the making right now? just need to know how much money i´ll have to raise cause i´ll buy them all.


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