Rocking Horse, Meats Meier (3D)


Title: Rocking Horse
Name: Meats Meier
Country: United States
Software: ZBrush

A framed image of a rocking horse from the Series: Ordinary Pictures Found Hanging in an Average Home.
All elements created in Zbrush and composited and color corrected in Photoshop.

>> Hi resolution image <<


wonderful as always!! :thumbsup:


that border is one of the coolest things I’ve seen… your work is fantastic


Surrealistic,freaky weird.And ooh so cool dude…:buttrock:


awesome work man:thumbsup:


Amazing, simply amazing. Love the lighting, texturing and models!
Superb work as always!


wow,it’s different image,very nice ,i m very like ur style ,u are crazy :wink:


cool,I like it!


very original. very dramatic concept too.
no coments! 5 stars!


Great Art from a great artist !


very good,it’s cool


omg,crazy as always :eek:


amazing creature man ! ! very original with perfect execusion !! !
excellent job,i like it :slight_smile:


Excellent imagination and love the framework.


Really original… I like the feeling of depth and volume given by the frame, makes u wanna touch it, know what’s made off…! Also great colors. Nice work :)…


This is very cool in a creepy way. it’d be a weird thng to find in an average home, but it’s something I’d hang in mine.


Cool Work :smiley: .i dont kane doo this :frowning:


Thanks to everyone for their nice comments!

I should also mention I used a heavily modified material shader that was created by Jantim and shared over at Zbrush central.
Some cool things are happening nowadays with Zbrush…


I like it very much. Excellent work.


cool , Surrealism ~
I feel lonely ~