Rocketeer, Fabricio Moraes (3D)


Hey Frabricio!
Long time don’t see ya. Hope you are doing well.
Very nice stuff man!! Keep it up.


Everyone here is talking about the movie. It was okay, but I was a fan of the comic. Nice modeling job!


You son of a gun… ANOTHER PLUG?! :beer:

Congrats, my friend! The image looks AWESOME!:applause:

Good luck with the contest!


gorgeous work, brilliant modeling and shader work


Muito bom , a luz e tratamento estao incriveis tambem :wip:, parabens.


Realtime rendering with crytek engine?
Excellent details, especially that poster post!


This rocket back pack makes me wish it was real cause I would definitely buy it!
Excellent choice of a subject BTW. And excellent delivery! No crits. Just keep up the great work!


Thank you very much all of you.

It´s great having so many good feedbacks.

Firerbert - I really would like to make the gun but I couldn`t use more than 7000 triangles, and the round shapes Rocketeer have (helmet and jetpack) cost a lot of than.

Thiago Costa - Hey, whats up?! I´m really fine.

Antropus - You really have a great eye for details. I agree with the simetrical look in some parts. That´s was my solution for better use of the UV layout. I could use only one map for each slot with 1024 max.

I started this work a little late, 2 weeks before the deadline. I would quit before start it.
Thanks for all my Seagulls Fly friends especially Fabricio Duque and Alan Camara for the support.
I´m starting to get too sentimental.

Okay, here is the wireframe


nice job, man! I knew you would make it in time! Amazing details! 5*!




Just simply awesome. I used to love that movie when I was a kid. You captured the detail perfectly. Great job!


What a great job on the modeling and the textures. I have always been a fan of Dave Stevens Rocketeer comics and enjoyed the movie as well. I think you did a great job capturing the detail of the character. I am sure he is looking down from heaven with a smile on his face from the great job you did on his character. Sadly Dave Stevens passed away a few months ago.

Once again great job. Any chance you will be doing the face under the helmet?


Really well executed! Well done! :thumbsup:

Parabéns! :slight_smile:


Oh My…
This is awesome.
You’re born to shine, baby.

Fantastic Job. You’d better prepare yourself to kiss your mama goodbye


Just one of the coolest things ever IMHO!


i was considering of doing this character and then i saw this…
good job~!


The movie is Great, and your model too!

Well done!




Pretty good. However the boots and shaders could be improved. Now it looks like he has 2 left feet.
The metal could be more mettalic.
Other than that it looks pretty good! :slight_smile:


Very nice, reminds me of the bad guy from the first Hellboy movie.


That movie was responsible for many day dreams through my childhood. Thanks for doing such a good job.