Rocketeer, Fabricio Moraes (3D)


Title: Rocketeer
Name: Fabricio Moraes
Country: Brazil
Software: 3ds max, ZBrush

I did this work for the Comicon Challenge in Game Artisans forum. I started a little late and took 2 weeks to be done. It was fun.
The model has 6958 triangles, rendered in scanline and I did some color adjustments in Photoshop.

Here is a real time render using Cry Engine 2.


I love your character, he looks like the movie. Good amount of detail, of course I’m a big fan of retro designs like Rocketeer!


Wow! 4 stars from me! Your model and textures rock!
Greetings from Poland


I have chosen this character bacause of his design. I like retro too.

Here is a real time render using Cry Engine 2 that a also have submited to the contest.


I always loved this movie, good job.


Hey buddy, As I said before, its great dude. I love this character and you’ve got capture the style from you. Deserve front page:p

Congrats, 5* from me


nice work and


I love it! Peaked in on this one over at GA. Excellent job. The textures and style are spot on. Makes me feel like a kid again! I would have liked to have seen more dramatic poses, especially in the one where he is flying. Some comtrails and a little more gesture. Seems too stiff right now. A pedestal would have set him off too. Something like below. Overall, stunning work and realism for a lowpoly challenge. 4*.
Oh, and wtf man!?! Where’s the gum for the bullethole!!! Such a lack of detail… tisk tisk tisk… :wink: just kidding, that is the ONE thing this guy doesn’t lack!


His work is improving each day! A kind of
myth! A legend alive!


Fabricio is a kind of a legend, or myth around here.

Very well done. Congrats.


The real time render is amazing. The cry engine is very impressive.


Great movie, and great work done here!


man, this turned out good. i didn’t see this until late in the contest, but it is definatly one of my favorite! good luck



Maneiríssimo…I like retro…and all the classical mood. Congrats! :slight_smile:


i like it man. so nice detailes.
keep it up, :applause:


Fantastic low and shading!


Do carvalho! OOps, very nice modelling and render, pal. :slight_smile:


Great work Fabricio. This is a great example of a high-quality lowpoly mesh. The normal maps worked great.
Everything looks fine but one thing that stands for me as a little issue (and I’m just being picky here) is the symmetry of the wrinkles on his arms. I can see you worked on the front part of his jacket to break the symmetry but the wrinkles are more subtle in that region. On his arms, on the other hand, the wrinkles are really strong and have well defined shapes that look very symmetrical in your first renders. Again, I’m just being picky. It’s great work man. Congrats!



Great Work!



Really good! 5 stars from me :thumbsup: