Rocket Engine, Soon2banimator (3D)


Title: Rocket Engine
Name: Soon2banimator
Country: U.s.a.
Software: 3dsmax & Photoshop

This is a rocket engine i modeled and textured its not too great i dont think because i have a hard time making metal look dirty but Eh? what the heck… tell me what you think



any sugessions at all ?



You can dirty up textures fast by taking quality photos of, for example: concrete, metal, or any other “dirty” surface and then blend them in Photoshop over your base texture. (Overlay usually does the job) But watchout, only use it to get some chaos in your texture.

Also try to play with brush settings and making your own custom brushes. This way you can make textured brushes with which you can add details.

Your model seems fine. Maybe add a few more little details ( i dont know if you are planning on making the complete rocket driven vehicle). Its indeed the shading and texturing that needs more work.

Keep it up.



How do,

The model is looking good, texture needs work though as you said but on its way to looking cool, as well as dirtying up the textures I think it looks odd that the yellow metal texture appears on the inside of the turbine(?)

Also the cables that run in the middle section appear to go into a simple plane, which looks a little odd, add more detail into their connection points, and as Reiner said as some more finer detail overall to the model. Some of the edge on the lower part of the engine also look a little hard, so smooth these out…

Well hope this helps, sorry I couldnt give more detailed model/texture advice I am a (frustrated) noob at this 3D malarkey stuff so learning myself.



Reinier- thanx for the dirt tip im definatly going to try that, i wasn’t planning on modeling the whole rocket but now that you menshion it, i think i might

The Wiz- yeah the inside of the turbine has the yellow texture inside its a strange muli sub problem i was having where max keeps screwing up the id’s for the silver rim on the edge and the yellow on the inside…i think it has something to do with where the texture starts and ends…i havent really been able to figure it out yet

thanx guys for your critiques…anyone else have any comments?


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